Top 10 Bungee Jumping Destinations In The World

7:23 am 24 Sep, 2013


If you like throwing yourself off of high places but you don’t like hitting the ground and dying then bungee jumping is for you. Adventure enthusiasts all over the world use bungee jumping to get their dose of adrenalin. There are many great places to jump from in the world. In some places you can jump amid natural beauty and in other places you can jump from man made structures. Wherever you jump from, the rush you feel is the same. To let you know about some, here are popular bungee jumping destinations in the world.

10. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA:

The Royal Gorge suspension bridge over the Arkansas River in USA offers an amazing opportunity for bungee jumpers. The Grand Canyon like terrain provides breathtaking views as you jump off the suspension bridge that is 321 meters above the river. It is one of the most popular bungee jumping destinations in USA.

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA

9. Kawerau Suspension Bridge, New Zealand:

The Kawerau suspension bridge in New Zealand was the first place in the world that started commercial bungee jumping. The height is not as high as some of the other places but it’s a good place for first timers. It is also important for the historical significance of being the first bungee jumping destination in the world.

Kawerau Suspension Bridge, New Zealand

8. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa:

South Africa has a lot to offer to tourists including bungee jumping. The Bloukrans bridge offers great views and is a fully commercial bungee jumping site which means that the only purpose of the bridge is to be used a spot to jump off from. The height is 216 meters and is officially the highest commercial jump in the world according to the Guinness World Records.

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

7. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland:


This location was made famous by James Bond in Goldeneye. Pierce Brosnon as James Bond jumped off the dam and you can also experience the same rush in Switzerland. It is a good location to jump from and stays busy so you have to book in advance to jump.

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

6. Sky Breakers, Finland:

This is one of the most insane bungee jumping destinations around the globe. Sky Breakers organize 150 meters bungee jumping in Helsinki from July to August every year. You can jump from a crane at the beach, freefall into floating platforms in the sea or do the pub-bungee jump which brings together cocktails and bungee jumping. You cal also jump from hot air balloons.

Sky Breakers, Finland

5. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe/Zambia:

Victoria Falls are a great natural wonder and to bungee jump right next to it is a great experience. This is the easily the best location for bungee jumping in terms of views. On certain days you’ll get soaked by spray coming off the waterfall as you jump.

Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe Zambia

4. Macau Tower, China:

If you are in Macau, China then the only two things you can do is either gamble in one of the casinos or jump off the Macau Tower. This is a different experience as you are jumping off a tower instead of a bridge. You get the view of the Pearl River Delta as you jump off the tower.

Macau Tower, China

3. Europabrucke Bridge, Austria:

If you want to take pictures of the Alps while hanging upside down then Europabrucke Bridge is for you. It’s located on the link between Austria and Italy. The bridge is 192 meters high and there is also the option of jumping from a hot air balloon. It is one of the most popular locations in Europe for bungee jumping.

Europabrucke Bridge, Austria

2. The Last Resort, Nepal:

The Last Resort is a bungee jumping resort in Nepal. You jump from a bridge over the Bhote Kosi River and get a great view of the beautiful gorge that has green trees on both sides of the river. This is one of the best jumps in the world and makes Nepal a must on every bungee fanatics list.

The Last Resort, Nepal

1. Graskop Gorge, South Africa:


Graskop Gorge is a beautiful location in South Africa where you can jump right next to a waterfall. It is not a very high jump with the option of jumping from either 60 meters or 80 meters but the location and the splendid view of the gorge and the waterfall all combine to make it one of the best bungee jumping locations in the world.

Graskop Gorge, South Africa

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