Top 10 Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

7:39 am 23 Mar, 2013

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, many us of are of the kind who trade breakfast for sleep. To us an extra few minutes of dreaming and skipping the breakfast complement each other too well. This especially applies to bachelors who have to prepare their meal themselves. Why take the trouble of getting out of bed to prepare that all important morning meal? But, not anymore! Here are top 10 easy breakfast ideas for bachelors. Now you can have the extra minutes of sleep as well as your breakfast.


10. Poha:

Easy to make, ready in less than ten minutes and a healthy start to your day. Avoid the potatoes to make it the preparation faster and healthier. If you have a little time for indulgence, add some peanuts and fried potatoes. It is light as well as filling and is a great start to your day.

poha - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

9. Boiled Eggs:

This is an easy one. You can boil eggs while getting ready for work or college. Don’t forget to add a pinch of salt in the container to hard boil the eggs. Till the time you’re done with your chores, they would be boiled and ready to eat. A pinch of pepper is all they need and, voila, breakfast is ready! Oh, and don’t forget to peel off the shell before eating.

boiled-eggs - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

8. Sandwiches:

There are numerous ready-to-eat dressings available in the market. Just add the dressing to the slices of bread, and grill/toast it. It takes less time than making your ‘staple’ plate of Maggie. More importantly, sandwiches are healthier than noodles, digest easily and allow you to remain active throughout the morning session of work or study.

sandwiches - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

7. Fruit Salad:

Contrary to popular belief, preparing fruit salad is very easy. In fact, it is the simplest of all the breakfast ideas in this list. Toss some grapes, berries, oranges (peeled and kept overnight to save time) and add chat-masala and you have one of the healthiest breakfast meals ready. The only drawback could be the cost of the fruits. Fruits can be costlier at times and thus, this preparation will suit them who do not mind shelling out bucks, price be damned.

fruit-salad - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

6. Sprouts:

To fasten the breakfast making process, it is better to boil sprouts and keep in the fridge overnight. Also, keep tomatoes and onion slices in the fridge and just toss it all together and add the spices in the morning. You’d have your breakfast ready in five minutes flat. But remember to keep the onions in an air-tight container or get used to the notorious smell they leave.

Sprouts - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

5. Omelette:

Making an omelette is easier than most other items you can have for breakfast. You need an egg or two, salt, some oil and a pan. There are two ways of preparing an omelette – the fried style and “Sunny side up”. The fried style is what is prepared by Indians. The “Sunny side up” is when the yolk is not beaten. Only one side is fried in the latter technique. You can make an omelette sans the bread. Easy to make but requires skill, so don’t try if you haven’t been near the gas-stove ever.

omelette - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

4. Oats:

If you love oats, then you would not have any problem in making this healthy and tasty breakfast. There are countless ways of making oatmeal, and you can use the simplest of them which is mixing the oats with milk and boiling it. The porridge-like preparation is rich in fibre and perfect as a breakfast meal.

oats - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

3. Semolina Dish (Suji Halva):

If you’re one of those who have a sweet tooth, there is no better and simpler breakfast for you than a hot, or cold, bowl of suji-halwa. Suji is the Hindi word for Semolina. Halva is the Indian term for a sweet dish which is easy to make, and is loaded with ghee and dry fruits. It might sound a bit difficult to prepare but there are simpler techniques. The combination of suji, milk and sugar takes little time to boil.

semolina-dish - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

2. Bread Upma:

Now this could be another one of your quick breakfast meal. Keep it a little spicy and tangy, and Bread Upma will prove to be a perfect start to your day. It is a perfect all-weather recipe and can also be made to utilize the leftover thick loafs of bread. Tastes like heaven, and healthy as well!

bread-upma - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

1. Corn Flakes:

The healthiest and the easiest of all breakfast preparations is a bowl of Corn Flakes. Corn Flakes are available over the counter in almost any departmental store. Add some fresh fruits and milk to the flakes and boil. Eating corn flakes regularly might become a bit boring but there is no other breakfast item better than this.

corn-flakes - Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Bachelors

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