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Top 10 Brain Stimulating Activities

Updated on 7 July, 2016 at 7:02 pm By

Our brain behaves and responds resembling a child. The more you give it your attention, challenge, playtime and stimulation, the better it gets. Stimulation on regular basis prevents not only cell death, but also increases nerve growth and neuron connectivity in the brain. Different activities like exercises, puzzles, games, reading, writing and working math are known to stimulate different areas of the brain in diverse ways. With little effort you can make your brain achieve optimum fitness, function with alertness and increase its memory retention. These below listed 10 activities will stimulate different parts of the brain, giving it enough exercise, so that it can process information quickly, function efficiently and be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

10. Catch your Brain’s Attention:

If your brain refuses to remain alert in the workplace, classroom or your study, then most probably it has got accustomed to the surrounding and relaxed into laziness. You can catch the attention of your brain and make it alert by changing the setup to shock it. One of the tricks that work is turning pictures, paintings or photos upside down. Something out of place succeeds in shocking the brain into alert mode.

Catch your Brain’s Attention

9. Break Routine:


Breaking the routine will require a person to make use of more senses, thus releasing more neutrophins in the brain. Some simple and safe activities that can strengthen neural connections are – writing, brushing teeth, brushing hair or generally working with the hand that you normally do not use for that particular activity. Using the less dominant hand can increase your brain’s creativity levels and stimulate it significantly. Do not try this activity by compromising on safety, when you are driving or using appliances that require optimal skill.

Break Routine

8. Challenge Your Brain Occasionally:

You have mastered cycling, swimming, dancing and other such tasks; enough to keep you engaged for the rest of your life. But, you don’t realize that without novel tasks to master and skills to learn, there is no challenge for your brain which is required for its healthy functioning. Pick up new activities, skills and hobbies that will challenge your brain once in awhile.

Challenge Your Brain Occasionally

7. Make Use of All Senses:

We are used to use our senses to match our activities. Once we try to change the habitual way we work, our other senses get stimulated to a great extent. Try closing your eyes and listening to the sound around the house and guess what is going on instead of looking at it or try identifying the dresses on your cupboard hanger by just feeling them. The blind man’s bluff had more behind the blindfold huh? Try smelling deeply different odors, both pleasant and repulsive ones. New odors can prick the brain cells into working with alertness.

Make Use of All Senses

6. Visit New Places:

Places tend to leave behind great impression on mind. When we come across a beautiful, exotic sight, our brain tries to capture it like a photograph in our memories; hence, travelling to new destinations and meeting new people can be great brain stimulators. Our brain records such events in great details for future retrieval.

Visit New Places

5. Exercise Regularly:

Not many would know that physical exercises are more than just brawn. Besides, building those muscles, physical exercise protects the brain, especially in later stages of life. People with sedentary lifestyles are more prone to develop Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Exercise Regularly

4. Read and Write:

You cannot wait to finish off school, so that you do not have to read or write anymore. Unfortunately, nothing flexes the brain muscles more than reading/writing. Learning new language is also a great stimulation for your brain. People who read and write extensively prior to age of 18 have better cognitive functioning in old age.

Read and Write

3. Give It a Thought:


The dendrites that connect brain cells increase in number when the brain begins to think. The more and deeply a person thinks, the better becomes the functioning of our brain. Engaging yourself in thought provoking activities or games is not just fun, but it has so much of additional benefits for your brain too. Now you know what to do when you are having free time or waiting in queue. You can stimulate your brain by pondering over things, calculating sums, memorizing names or trying to remember things around you.

Give It a Thought

2. Use Your Fingers:

Let me clarify that I mean using all your fingers and not just one. The nerve endings in the fingers are directly connected to brain, hence activities involving fingers increase circulation in brain. Knitting, using chopsticks, playing musical instrument and other activities which involve lot of finger movements are great exercises for brain. Try playing different games with your fingers when you have your hands free.

Use Your Fingers

1. Laugh out Loud:


Laughter is a good medicine not just for your body, but also for your brain. Emotions are often restricted to specific points in the brain, but laughter involves neurons all across the brain. Laughter stimulates the brain to release endorphins, the neurotransmitters responsible for creating a feeling well being in people. It brings about dynamic changes in the brain by triggering and connection different regions with activity. Research conducted by scientists in German has found that there are different networks in our brain which handles a specific context of laughter, thus by laughing for different reasons you can stimulate all the regions in your brain.

Laugh out Loud


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