Top 10 most famous Brad Pitt movies

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Here’s a list of Top 10 most famous Brad Pitt movies. Movies of everybody’s sweetheart, one of the world’s most handsome men, an established actor, married to the most beautiful woman in the world and a doting father. Brad Pitt is an incredible actor who has amassed a huge fan following by delivering hits, entertainers and even movies on controversial themes. An actor who moulds into the character so well and moulds the character to his standards.


10. Legends of the fall (1994):

Counted among one of the best Brad Pitt movies, Legends of the Fall is set in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, which is a story of what happens to three brothers after a beautiful girl enters their lives. The younger brother returns from college with his girlfriend, and soon the eldest brother develops a liking for her. But the twist is the movie is when the affair between her and the middle brother (Tristan Ludlow, played by Pitt) is discovered. Tristan is wilful and as wild as the mountains. This is a story of three brothers and their father. Add to it a bit of history, drama, love and tragedy. As seasoning top it up with a long haired Brad Pitt and you have a classic on your plate.

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: Legends of the Fall


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9. The Devil’s Own (1997):

This is a thriller about an IRA gunman, played by Pitt, who when he is sent to the US to buy weapons stays in the house of a NY cop who knows nothing about his identity. The growing friendship with the cop makes Pitt doubt his choices. A police officer. An IRA terrorist. And Harrison Ford. Brad Pitt is way too young in this movie. And absolutely stunning and adorable.

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: The Devil's Own

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8. Ocean’s Eleven (2001):

This is the story of eleven accomplices planning to rob three Vegas casinos simultaneously. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) collects eleven men and plans the biggest heist in history. There are only three rules to be followed — 1st: No blood, 2nd: Rob only who deserves it, 3rd: Do it as if you have nothing to lose. Pitt plays the cool character Rusty Ryan who is Danny’s right hand man. Amidst a cast of Clooney, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, Pitt forces you to notice him and love him.

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: Ocean's Eleven

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7. Troy (2004):

In the list of famous Brad Pitt movies, Troy has a unique place. Set in the Bronze Age, this movie tells the story of the clash of two nations after Paris, the Trojan Prince convinces Helen to leave her husband and to sail with him back to Troy. Bloom plays the seductive prince, who has an invincible army on his side. But with the help of Achilles (played by Pitt), the Greeks are able to fight the Trojans. Just for the girls, this movie has a famous butt scene of Pitt.

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: Troy

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6. Snatch (2000):

The sixth Brad Pitt movie of this list is about unscrupulous boxing promoters, violent bookmakers, a Russian gangster, incompetent amateur robbers, and supposedly Jewish jewelers fight to track down a priceless stolen diamond. Pitt again has a body to die for. The crudeness of the movie lies in its portrayal of the underworld of London, in the characters who have Runyonesque names (Franky Four Fingers, Bullet Tooth Tony, Boris the Blade, Jack the All-seeing eye). The plot is very complicated. Brad Pitt is made to speak a gypsy dialect which even the other characters in the movie cannot understand. And he succeeds delivering the dialogues sounding like a combination of Adam Sandler and Professor Backwards.

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: Snatch

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5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008):

The story of a man who, at the time of his birth is diagnosed with several aging diseases and given low chances of survival. But he survives nonetheless and grows younger with time. An incredible story in which Brad Pitt plays the old man, the young child, the handsome man and a series of other age roles. It is also a love story of Benjamin and Daisy (Nee Fuller), which develops complications as she grows older and he grows younger. This role got him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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4. Se7en (1995):

Seven deadly sins (and you almost wish Pitt was one of them). One serial killer. An intelligent plot. Morgan Freeman. Brad Pitt. Gwyneth Paltrow. Need I say more? Morgan and Pitt play detectives who become involved in the case of a sadistic serial killer. Each of the macabre murders corresponds to one of the seven deadly sins. The climax of this Brad Pitt movie is a shocker, and Pitt portrays the emotions in that part brilliantly.

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: Se7en

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3. Fight Club (1999):

The movie tells the story of an everyman who is not content with his white collar job. He forms a fight club with Brad Pitt. The story is the journey of the nameless protagonist who discovers himself through fights and through his conversations with Pitt. Pitt plays the irresistible alter ego. He is everything you want to be. He has a body to die for and an attitude that kills. And we cannot forget just how casually he says, with a cigarette between his lips: this is your life and it is ending one minute at a time.

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: Fight Club

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2. Money Ball (2011):

There is a bit of computers, there is a bit of baseball and there is lots of money, in this movie. Since this one is so recent, I am not going to write much about it. You have to see this to know why Brad Pitt is loved so much. Conceived as one of the most tremendous Brad Pitt movies ever made, Money Ball is based on a novel of the same name by Michael Lewis. And the movie was nominated for six Oscars including Best Actor and Best Picture. All the more reason for me not to reveal the plot!

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: Money Ball

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1. Inglorious Basterds (2009):

Pitt plays the gentile American, Lt Aldo Raine. Can we forget his scalping methods? Can we get over his Southern accent? Can we possibly not laugh at his jokes? Number one in this list of Brad Pitt movies, Inglorious basterds is a brilliant flick set during the World War 2 time and Pitts acting just adds stars to it. The story is an alternate history of two plots to assassinate Hitler and the two plots coincide in a beautiful manner. Quentin Tarantino, director of Kill Bill, Death Proof, Hell Ride, finished this movie within the budget of $70 million and this movie made around $329,389,438 in theaters worldwide.

Top 10 Brad Pitt movies: Inglorious Basterds


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