Top 10 Books for the Angsty Teenager

9:00 am 11 Mar, 2013

Teenage behavior is always irksome. Though they are full of life, their sudden hormonal upheaval, and stress from studies, resorts them into being a rebellion or depressed. They make their parents lose their sleep. It is one of the most important phases in one’s life. One wrong decision and it can mar your life. They hate dos and don’ts. When they won’t listen to anybody, their carefree nature can only be restricted through good reading. Books are always a meek yet strong guide. Meek, because they aren’t tongue-in-cheek; strong, since they are a silent influence like any school principal, whose single glance can discipline even a rowdy child. Here is a recommended list of top 10 books for the angsty teenager.

10. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole:

Written by Sue Townsend, this book on teen angst, carved a special place in almost every teenager’s book-shelf. The book is written in diary-style, about a boy named Adrian Mole, who misinterprets things around him. He writes candidly about his parents’ marital quandary and his own connection with his fellow, Pandora.

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - Books for the Angsty Teenager

9. Brave New Girl:

It is a debut novel by Louisa Luna who writes about the adolescent pangs of a fourteen-year old girl, Doreen Severna, who is inspired by the character Holden Caulfield from the J. D. Salinger’s classic The Catcher in the Rye. The story of Brave New Girl revolves around the Californian summer while Doreen’s in high school. Doreen is a social recluse with just one friend, the equally ill-at-ease Ted. The two of them bond together with a shared interest in music, and urban alienation.

Brave New Girl - Books for the Angsty Teenager

8. Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes:

Written by Chris Crutcher, this novel tells the story of Sarah Byrnes and Eric; two long-time friends. Ever since both of them were children, Eric with his weight problems and Sarah with her scars were made to be outcasts in the community.Although Eric loses weight by swimming, later in the book, Sarah remained his best friend. The mystery behind Sarah’s past life intrigue Eric, and he must uncover them before it’s too late.

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes - Books for the Angsty Teenager

7. Cut:

This is an insightful piece on teen angst, written by Patricia McCormick. In this novel, fifteen-year old Callie McPherson’s numb behavior upsets therapists at Sea Pines, a rehab, where she’s undergoing treatment. Finally she opens up and doctors get to know what triggered her self-mutilating behavior. At the end, Callie realizes the importance of undying love and support; she’s received from her family.

Cut - Books for the Angsty Teenager

6. Speak:

This novel written by Laurie Hasle Anderson, narrates the story of Melinda Sordino’s rape, recovery, trauma and confession. Melinda is unable to speak of what happened at the party. Later she expresses her feeling in the art class. This expression helps her recover the pain and agonies, made her acknowledge the incident, face the attacker and moreover, recreate her own identity. The novel has been awarded significantly and has been translated into sixteen languages.

Speak - Books for the Angsty Teenager

5. Rats Saw God:

In this novel, Rob Thomas, the novelist, interprets the main character Steve York, the son of an astronaut. Steve is a high school student who’s drug-dosed and subsequently confronts the counselor. The counselor asked him to do a write-up of 100 pages, if he really wants to graduate. Initially Steve resists but later he put his heart out and spoke about his relationship with acrimonious parents and his first girlfriend. Steve eventually comes across to see his father’s another side. He’s amazed at his self-fabricated attitude.

Rats Saw God - Books for the Angsty Teenager

4. The Blue Mirror:

This book on teenage angst is written by the awesome author Kathe Koja. It is a psychologically gripping novel. In this book, a sixteen-year old teenage girl deals with emotional up-downs. The girl comes to know the dark secrets of life. A definite read, indeed.

The Blue Mirror - Books for the Angsty Teenager

3. Sloppy Firsts:

This is a fresh and funny debut fiction by novelist Megan McCafferty. The novel, “Sloppy Firsts,” deals with the dilemmas in the teenager, Jessica Darling’s life. Her feelings about a boy, Marcus Fluti, her best friend Hope Weaver’s departure from school, her mother’s involvement with the lavish wedding that she’s planning for Jessica’s sister. A person would like to grow-up all over again, after reading this hilarious novel.

Sloppy Firsts - Books for the Angsty Teenager

2. Whirligig:

This extraordinary work of fiction is written by Paul Fleishman. It is based on the juvenile tragedy, when a sixteen-year old Brent Bishop, accidentally causes the death of a young woman. Drunk, enraged and humiliated at a party, where he went to make him cool turns his life bizarre. He then decides that real suicide is the only future he wants. Here, Paul Fleischman sketches Brent’s healing pilgrimage from Washington State to California, Florida, and Maine.

Whirligig - Books for the Angsty Teenager

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower:

This is a coming-of-age novel, written by Stephen Chbosky. The story revolves around a teenage boy, named Charlie, a high-school student, who writes letters to a person that he doesn’t know, and shares different experiences of his life. The story is set in the backdrop of a suburb of Pittsburgh during the early 1990s. The novel has a cult appeal with teenagers. Later, the novel becomes the script of a 2012 film, starring Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller and Emma Watson, directed by the author himself.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Books for the Angsty Teenager

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