Top 10 Bizarre Trends Among Teenagers

7:00 am 28 Feb, 2013


Teenage is that phase in life when even the most stable and sensible children might turn rebellious and do things that are sometimes hard to describe. What is it about teenage that cause even a normal child to pick up trends which are in complete contrast to his or her personality? We might never get an answer to that but we sure have a list of the bizarre things teenagers like to do or follow. Here are the top 10 bizarre trends among teenagers. Tally it with your teenage child and see if you can stop him/her from following these bizarre trends. If you are yourself a teen, we suggest you don’t succumb to these.

10. Gothic Bent:


Black clothes, black eyeliners, black nail-polish, black hair, black lips and black accessories; that’s what a teenager bent towards the Gothic side would look like. There is some sort of romanticism among the teens to believe themselves as being gothic! In contemporary fashion, gothic is the new trend as far as teenagers go. Perhaps the fact that it symbolizes revolt which is an intrinsic characteristic of a teen makes this one of their top yet peculiar fads.

Gothic Bent - Bizarre Trends among teenagers

9. Tattoos:

Peer pressure or the struggle to fit in and be accepted is very much the foremost concern of any teenager. Be it an attempt to be acknowledged or just a crazy fashion obsession, tattoos are very much in the mind of teenagers these days. It is something that is seen to be the cool thing to do going by the teen definition. Safe or not, this is definitely a trend and a bizarre one at that.


8. Body Piercings:

Well, it is hard to see how having body piercings at awkward places could be fun, but it seems to be a hit trend among teenagers. With no regards to the risks associated with piercings such as infections, allergic reactions or scars, teens go ahead with piercing their nose, naval region, lips, eyebrows and tongues, as well as areas such as nipples and genitals. Definitely weird, this is a popular craze among teenagers.

Body Piercings - Bizarre Trends among teenagers

7. Noise as music:

We guess this is common to all teenagers. There is some sort of affinity towards loud and unintelligible music among them. In fact it is safe to say that the more the decibels; the more the fun in music by their books. It not only causes noise pollution but it also totally negates the essence of music. But again, that doesn’t stop them from loving, playing or even making such music.

Noise as music

6. Cutting and sucking blood:


It might seem unbelievable or impossible but it is the truth. Teenagers, these days, have this weird fetish for such activities. Perhaps it has got to do with the popularity of The Vampire Diaries and The Twilight series but it is could turn into a fatal obsession. It is not only harmful and shocking, such activities might result in serious injuries, too. If not that, there is always the danger of HIV transmission.

Cutting and sucking blood - Bizarre Trends among teenagers

5. Drug abuse:

Teens find it cool to have tried new drugs. Immense peer pressure might push a teen towards this habit but it is not unheard of among those who have never been abused. In fact, a vast majority of teens have had brushes with drugs of various kinds. While for some it might be a one-time activity, for others it might end up becoming a habit and a hard one to get rid of at that. It is chic and fashionable according to them but needless to say highly hazardous.

Drug abuse

4. Being sad:

‘Being sad’ for no reason is the new normal among teens. Flashing sad and depressed social messages and putting everything from relationships to bathroom talk in the open is the lifestyle of teen town. Complaining about everything and finding the latent, at times non-existent, wretched meaning in everything just to appear or be sad is supposedly the right thing to do for teenagers. Reasons could be any or none, but this is a trend that is difficult to fathom.

Being sad - Bizarre Trends among teenagers

3. Internet gaming:

Nonstop internet gaming and being so engrossed in it that even something as basic as food or sleep would appear irrelevant is a quite common occurrence among teenagers. It is like an addiction, and a bad one at that. Instead of using it as recreational tool, it becomes a sort of obsession and that affects not only their health but also their social well-being. Of course, the harm it causes to them academically is, without a doubt, very high.

Internet gaming

2. Social media addiction:

Facebook, Twitter and every possible social media avenue is not only a trend but the elixir of teenage lives. They are active 24X7 which is may not sound bad when it comes to being up-to-date with information. But there have been instances of people luring teens through the net and even abusing and, at worst, killing them. Of course, the lack of sleep and virtual life of the Facebook pages and Twitter handles make teenagers far less aware of the real world. They see what most probably is phony and live a superficial life; indeed a very disturbing trend.

Social media addiction - Bizarre Trends among teenagers

1. Listening to music in iPods while crossing streets:

Music and teenagers are an inseparable combination. They are so entwined together that we would find teens walking across busy roads with earphones pinned to their ears. This is a trend which is highly hazardous for they are susceptible to accidents. They not only put themselves in danger but also others on the road.

Listening to music in iPods while crossing streets - Bizarre Trends among teenagers