Top 10 Bizarre Indian Inventions

12:00 pm 22 Feb, 2013

India has always been a land of innovators. We, Indians, always find creative and interesting solutions to our day to day problems and that does not always entail a huge amount of cash. We know how to make the most of our limited resources. Here is a list of some of the interesting ideas or jugaads that led to these top 10 bizarre Indian inventions!

10. Cotton de-seeder:

Abdul Rahim Khan who hails from the village of Mogra in the Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh, invented what is the cotton de-seeder. It is a miniature cotton gin which is cost effective, estimated at only Rs. 220, saving over ten times the processing fees.

Cotton de-seeder - Bizarre Indian Inventions

9. Multipurpose food processing machine:

Hailing from Yamunanagar in Haryana, Dharamveer Kamboj, was a rickshaw puller at one time. But he transformed into a pioneer of organic farming expert and invented the cost-effective multipurpose food processing machine. He began with a tabletop machine to process aloe leaves to cheaply make aloe-vera gel.

Multipurpose food processing machine - Bizarre Indian Inventions

8. Tractor with water in rear tires:

Villagers from Dawatha in the Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh, invented something that solved the problem of making their tractors heavier with lower cost. Normally tractors that work thick and hard soil need expensive weights in their rear. However, they found an affordable solution by filling the rear tires of their tractors with water for added weight.

Tractor with water in rear tires - Bizarre Indian Inventions

7. Cotton Harvester:

Nattubhai Vader from Gujarat invented the Cotton Harvester. This was specifically for the dry land variety of cotton.  Watching women extract cotton seeds that grew in his state, he realized the amount of hard work of tedious nature that went into it. Thus he made the self-propelled cotton ball picking machine that could be used to remove cotton bolls from the plants. Along with being affordable, it was useful in a country like ours where all varieties of cotton never ripened at the same time.

Cotton Harvester - Bizarre Indian Inventions

6. Pulley with a stopper:

Amrut Bahi Agrawat, who hails from Junagadh, Gujarat, invented a braking mechanism with a pulley that could be used by women to draw water out of wells while take rest midway. In rural India, water is drawn primarily from wells using an elementary pulley system. This activity is usually done by the women folk and is highly taxing. With the low water table, the problem further aggravates. It is here that Amrut Bhai’s invention comes in handy!

Pulley with a stopper - Bizarre Indian Inventions

5. Tree Climbing Machine:

The Late farmer M.J. Joseph, also known as Appachan, from Kerala, invented what he called the Tree Climbing Machine. He was a fourth standard school dropout but that never stopped him from learning from nature. He invented the Tree Climber by using two metal loops one for either leg, a long holed plate on the left loop to be used as a parking blade, rubber belt, wire ropes, connecting clamp, MS plates etc. This was his answer to climbing coconut or areca nut palms

Tree Climbing Machine - Bizarre Indian Inventions

4. Water Walking Shoes:

Dwarka Prasad Chourasiya from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, is behind this wonderful invention known as the Water Walking Shoes. It was around thirty years back that he invented a pair of wearable floats that could help one walk or skate across a lake. Two floats tied together and bonded with a rexine sheet made up of thermocol, with back foot support, made by him could help one maneuver through a lake using oars. Chourasiya’s invention is particularly helpful in areas where floods are a regular feature.

Water Walking Shoes - Bizarre Indian Inventions

3. Milk Master (The Milking Machine):

Milking of cows and buffaloes is an activity that goes on every day, each day of the year in rural areas throughout India. Raghava Gowda from Karnataka, made a manually run machine that would help farmers milk animals hygienically, safely and without the hassles. Using a set of vacuum pumps adjusted with a vacuum gauge, a suction assembly unit and an air-bubble-free well milk canister to receive milk, a cow or buffalo could be milked easily. Simple to use, robust and time saving; this invention is truly impressive.

Milk Master (The Milking Machine) - Bizarre Indian Inventions

2. Electric Painting Brush:

Jahangir Ahmad belonging to Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir invented what he calls the Electric Painting Brush. With this device of his, the walls in your house could be painted without the need to dip the brush in the paint repeatedly. The device pumps paint from a hose directly to the brush and never needs to be dipped into a can. A pump operated by a motor for pumping the paint into the brush through tubes with a distributor inculcated in the brush to evenly dispense the paint in the bristles, and a bucket with openings for connecting to the pump is what this brilliant mind conjured to make the painting process less tiresome and clumsy.

Electric Painting Brush - Bizarre Indian Inventions

1. Pedal-Powered Washing Machine:

Remya Jose from Kizhattoor in Malappuram district, Kerala, invented the pedal-powered washing machine. A student of science, Remya was always an active participant in science fairs winning awards and prizes for her presentations. She was all of 14 when she made this ingenious and interesting invention. Faced with the task of washing clothes with hands when her mother had fallen ill, Remya made a washing machine/exercise bike that was not only cheap but ran without electricity. In India’s rural context where electricity is scarce, this was a boon and also affordable to the common man.

Pedal-Powered Washing Machine - Bizarre Indian Inventions


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