Top 10 Birds Known For Sweet Voice

9:53 am 4 Oct, 2013

Singing has always been characteristic of birds. This is what defines them and puts them at a distance from other living creatures. However, not all of them are melodious and harmonious. Proviso we mean ‘sweet voice’ as something that is music to our ears, and there are indubitably some champion singers in the ‘bird-tribe’ which steal the honors on any bright day. They compliment the beauty of nature with their tuneful songs, every morning and evening. To know about the birds that deserve admiration for their sweet voice, continue reading.

10. Common Loon:

Known as Common Loon in North America, Common Loon is one of the five Loon species. The calls of the bird are characterized as haunting, mystical, thrilling and enchanting.  The Great Northern Loon is the state bird of Minnesota.

Common Loon

9. Orange-winged Amazon:

The bird is mainly a green parrot with more orange color in the wings & tail. It is mainly found in the mainland of South America. Locally, it is also known as Orange-winged parrot and Loro Guaro. It is a noisy bird that produces some peculiar high pitched calls which are very much music to human ears.

Orange-winged Amazon

8. Rose-breasted Grosbeak:

Rose-breasted Grosbeak is one of the large insect eating songbirds from the cardinal family. It is identified with songs with subdued mellow warbling. The bird’s songs are placed in more nearness to Turdus mirgatorius another of those birds with sweet voice. Males usually start singing much earlier than the females. The bird finds frequent mention in numerous wildlife documentaries for its magical appearance and sweet, soft melodic voice.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

7. Mockingbird:

The white-banded mockingbird in particular has a very mesmerizing voice and for the reason considered to be the most striking of the South American mockingbirds. It has a beautiful voice and usually overlaps within its voice. Those who have listened to him at least once regard this migratory moving bird’s voice quality superior from the other birds on the planet. Nightingale maybe the one with the most harmonious voice, mockingbird’s voice can be described as the most versatile.


6. Veery:

The bird (Catharus fuscescens) derives its name from the mysterious sweet voice that spirals downwards making a veer sound. He is one such bird that imitates its own voice and produces something new every time. The bird can sometimes be mistaken for a Robin for its almost similar resemblance and physical activities. It is mostly found moving along the forest floor and considered a secretive thrush.


5. Malabar Whistling Thrush:

Scientifically known as Myophonus horsfieldii, Malabar whistling thrush is surely one of the most melodious in the list. This Indian local is known as ‘whistling schoolboy’ in the country for its harmonious tune. The whistling bird resembles a trekker who is whistling while moving forward along the jungle path in solitary.

Malabar Whistling Thrush

4. The Whistling Cockatiel:

They are of their own kind and known to produce a variety of whistling tones. Males are mostly stronger and recognized for their powerful smooth whistles. They can produce various sweet voices. At times they can even surprise you with sounds. They absorb sounds emanating around them and screech them out in the form of songs.

The Whistling Cockatiel

3. Canary:

Male canaries are known for humming wonderful tunes. But, when they are kept in pairs they rarely come out with their trademark melodious humming. Hence, they only sing when in solitary expressing their desperate loneliness. The birds from West Africa and Canary islands have colorful appearance and this graces their songs when they hum.


2. The Asian Koel:

Member of the cuckoo order of birds, the Cuculiformes, the Asian Koel is frequently mentioned in Indian poetry books for its sublime voice. Widely celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, the bird is the state bird of the southern Indian state of Puducherry and highly sought after for its tuneful singing.

The Asian Koel

1. Nightingale:

One of the planet’s most beautiful birds, Nightingale is generally a morning bird that wakes us in the wee hours of dawn with a melodic alarm song. The nightingale song includes impressive range of whistles, trills and gurgles. Despite its unremarkable appearance, Nightingale is most celebrated for its transcendent voice. This is why it has been immortalized in the world music and literature.


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