Top 10 Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

5:55 am 8 Apr, 2013


The human history has witnessed various incidents when few lies changed the course of events for the world to experience. Although lies are always short-lived, they usually wield enough strength to maneuver the weak soles. There have been many examples ranging from the times of Garden of Eden to Nazi’s mission against Jews that were based on hard core lies. These historical liars are often damned for times to come, by one and all. Here is a list of top 10 big-time liars who are damned even today:

10. Kim Philby:

British journalist, Kim Philby joined British Secret Intelligence Service to head the anti-Soviet section of the department later. However, little did the British government know that he had secret relations with the Russians and passed over all trade secrets to them on a regularly. The suspicion was raised when his fellow workers fled to Russia. He was questioned later by the authorities, but he convinced everyone of his innocence with his lying acumen. Later on, he became a Soviet citizen.

Kim Philby - Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

9. Han Van Meegeren:

He was one of those liars who produced documented evidence to prove his lies. Han Van Meegeren produced some fake paintings in the name of renowned painter of the earlier 20th century, Vermeer. The paintings were created in similar fashion and the surface bore cracks to make them look real. He made a fortune after selling them at high prices and successfully duped many including high officials in the Nazi government.


Han Van Meegeren - Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

 8. Bernie:

Who hasn’t heard about Robert Madoff’s Ponzi scheme! His investment company worked wonders for him; he earned around $50 billion using all wrong means. A former chairman of NASDAQ, Madoff always enjoyed high investor confidence and lied to them about his money making techniques. However, when things started going out of control, he confessed his mistake and declared that his firm was carved from a piece of one big lie.

Bernie - Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

 7. Hitler:

The Nazi dictator could be termed as a person who excelled in creating massive propagandas full of lies. One of his master acts was coloring Jews in hatred and spreading a bunch of lies about them. He and his marshals convinced Germans that Jews were the sole reason for all the vagaries on Germany including their defeat in World War I, and therefore, termination of their existence from this earth is necessary.

Hitler - Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

6. Titus Oates:

It was in the 16th century that Britain, which was held under a wave of anti-Catholism, was aroused by the news that France has plotted to replace Charles by his brother James to restore Catholism in the state. It bred anger among the masses and led to violent protests on the street only to be known later that it was a strategy of the famous liar Oates, who later confessed about the entire misdeed.

Titus Oates - Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

5. Judas Iscariot:

One of the worst traitors and liars to be born ever on this earth, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus and sold him off to Sanherdrin during the last Supper. He was rich by thirty pieces of silver after the deal. Though, he denied it, later he was gripped by remorse and guilt and had to kill himself to get rid of it.

Judas Iscariot - Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

4. Mir Jafar:

An ambitious leader, who worked under Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud Daulah, Mir Jafar is considered as one of the biggest liar in the Indian history ever. He sided with British to gain control over Bengal and lied to his ruler during the course. Later on, he realized that British were more cunning and aided Danish to fight against British. His lies led to his downfall, even when in the end kept denying any ill will from his side.

Mir Jafar - Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

3. Bill Clinton:

In case you forget the much famous “Monicagate” or “Lewinskygate” scandal of 1998, try recollecting the whole expose once again. The revelation was laid out in 1998 by former White House employee that she maintained physical relations with the former President of US, Bill Gates. Although, he denied the whole disclosure at first, subsequently he had to give in and confess. This imprudent act of his earned him damnation from the media around the globe and a permanent blotch of disgrace from his own countrymen.   


2. George Bush:

The junior Bush and his sycophant allies were all sure about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and also convinced the entire world with their idea. This provided them with a license to kill and wage a battle against the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq only to be exposed finally. The final developments in the oil rich nation proved that the whole operation was planned to take control over vast oil deposits in the region under the name of destruction of WMD.

George Bush - Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today

1. Pervez Musharraf:

The former Army General and President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf is ridiculed till date by his own countrymen for keeping them in dark over the developments during the Kargil War with India in 1999. Even the country’s Prime Minster of the time, Nawaz Sharif was unaware about the ongoing developments on the Indo-Pak border. Musharraf maintained that his army had been retaliating successfully against the Indian imposed aggression and only parted with his failure after the war was totally lost. 

Pervez Musharraf - Big-Time Liars Who Are Damned Even Today