Top 10 Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

7:00 am 2 Mar, 2013


It’s common to talk about the movies that make it big at the box office. One can easily come up with names like Titanic, or Avatar that have done pretty well with the audience and the critiques. But, with this also comes the list of the worst movies that have stood out on the box office as the bombs of failure. They’ve failed to recover their own costs, been criticized for their bad direction, acting, and screenplay. Some have even earned bad reputation for the actors who could never make a strong comeback. You can find some of the big budget movies that failed on box office in the list below. It states them in the order of the maximum loss incurred.

10. Sahara (2005):

The biggest budget movie in the list is Sahara. It was made at a whopping cost of $130 million. Its makers gave it every ingredient for success, including an A-list caste, an adventure story, a big budget and more, to only find out in the end that all this will not please the audience. It made $69 million at the box office, and lost $ 61 million, which is 46.92% of the total budget. Not even the Matthew McConaughey’s good looks, well built abs could have it the grace of the people.

Sahara - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

9. The Invasion (2007):

A Big budget science fiction starring Nikole Kidman and Carig Daniel should have by standards at least covered its own cost of production, but ‘The Invasion’ only got back $40 million on a budget of $80 million, meaning a loss of 50% of the total movies budget. In the past too Nicokle Kidman has acted in some under-performing movies, but this is was the worse bouncer. The movie was a remake of the ‘The Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ and was thought to have potential to drive more people, but ended up just as a mediocre.

The Invasion - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

8. Imagine That (2009):

Two consecutive years of flops, Eddy Murphy must have done something special to displease most of the film critiques as well as all of his audience. One of the biggest flops of the year, ‘Imagine That’ was made on a budget of $55 million, and earned back only $23 million. 58% of the cost of the movies was never recovered from the Box Office. A redundant and uninteresting comedy about a financial executive who gets solutions to all his problems in the imaginary world of his daughter couldn’t have done better.

Imagine That - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

7. Grindhouse (2007):


Kill Bill Director Quentin Tarantino and Sun City Director Robert Rodriquez came together to make a legend of a movie with two full length features, ‘Death Proof’ and ‘Planet Terror.’ Critiques gave the movie some strong reviews, and great media hype was created before its release, but even this could not stop the forth coming failure. Made on a budget of $67 million, the movies earned back only $25 million, incurring a loss of 63% of the total cost. Dedicated to the old times ‘grinding out’ movie palace of the past that played double bill programs of B-Grade movies, the concept failed to bring back the nostalgia.

Grindhouse - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

6. Battlefield Earth (2000):

The biggest flop of the year and listed as one of the worst movies ever made; the ‘Battlefield Earth’ displeased both the audience and the critiques alike. A science fiction with A-list actors like Travolta, and a big budget, was not destined for such a debacle. It was made on a budget of $73 million, earned $21 million at the box office, and went in the red with 71.23% of the budget. It won 7 ‘Razzie’ awards, negative awards given to categories like the Worst Actor, Worst Picture, Worst Director, etc.

Battlefield Earth - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

5. Hudson Hawk (1991):

Hudson Hawk, starring Bruce Willis, opened with the lines “Catch the excitement. Catch the laughter. Catch the Hawk” and soon got converted into where’s the excitement? Where’s the laughter? And leave the Hawk alone. One of the biggest flops of the iconic actors, it was made on a budget of $65 million, way back in 1991, and only earned $17 million, meaning 73.85% of the budget went by in the red.  A prisoner of ten years decides to live a life of honesty could have been a great comical product, if only packed up nicely.

Hudson Hawk - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

4. Ishtar (1987):

Ishtar is a perfect example of what a media buzz can give to a movie. Critiques had already started to defame the movie before its release. It did get three positive previews, but even that couldn’t help it from failing the audience. Made with a budget of $55 million, the movie was hardly able to reach the sales mark of $14 million, eventually being the red for 74.55% of its budget. Eventually the movies got much negative publicity, that the word Ishtar became synonymous to box office flop in Hollywood slang.

Ishtar - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

3. The Express (2008):

Sometimes even an average budget sports films is a risk to take, especially when its audience are limited. This was exactly the fate of ‘The Express,’ a movie about American college football. It revolved around the story of the first black who won various national championships and finally the Heisman Trophy. Despite, the excitement, and thrill, and the racial issues it covered, the film ended up earning $10 million, on a budget of $ 40 million. This means it was able to only earn back 25% of its money while failing to get 75% of the budget.

The Express - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

2. All the King’s Men (2006):

A high profile caste, production and direction team, the movie created an Oscar buzz even before its release. But, soon the work and credits went down the drain, with ‘The All King’s Men’ becoming one of the biggest failures at the box office. Made on a budget of $55 million, its total earnings stood at $9 million only. A whooping loss of $46 million or 84% of the productions budget, even actors like Sean Penn and Kate Winslet could not save it. The screen play of the movie was an adaptation of one of the greatest novels by the same name written by Robert Penn Warren, but this was no use.

All the King's Men - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

1. Town and Country (2001):


Critiques have termed the movie as one of the box office bombs of the 2000s. It took almost three years for to produce the movie, wonder when the producers realized that there really was no turning back on a plot that might or might not work. The movie finally got complete at a budget of $90 million, and earned a meager of the amount, $6.7 million only. A incur a loss of 92.56% of the budget is hard to digest, but definitely true.

Town and Country - Big Budget Movies that Failed on Box Office

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