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Top 10 Best Places in India for Second Hand Vehicles

Published on 27 June, 2013 at 10:29 am By

India is a country where people are economic at heart and practical in approach. While we love our vehicles, we also love to see great value for the money we spend on them. As a result, you would see a lot of second hand trading when it comes to vehicles. We Indians are forever searching for outlets that would provide the best possible options in our budget, in a good condition and have good resale values. To serve this purpose, there is a host of used car dealers out there as well as cyber-markets. But since many prefer to purchase from Company owned used cars division, here is a compilation of the top 10 best places in India for second hand vehicles.

10. Mahindra First Choice:


A multi-brand certified used car venture from Mahindra, First Choice offers refurbished cars across a wide spectrum and also provides warranty on select pre-owned vehicles. Having undergone a rigorous 118 point quality control check, the vehicles provide you the best results and at an affordable price. In addition to the warranty, there are various services offered like spot valuation, exchange and finance for second hand vehicles that you can take advantage of. Certainly an option worth exploring, wouldn’t you say?

Mahindra First Choice - Best Places in India for Second Hand Vehicles

9. Tata Motors Assured:

A pre-owned vehicles division, Tata Assured provides you all services under one roof: buying and selling, exchange and servicing and refurbishing. As always, Tata undertakes an inflexible and compelling security protocol to ensure the product delivered is reliable in all aspects. You can also get your existing vehicle assessed at Assured to facilitate an exchange and sale at a reasonable price. The prices are derived scientifically through the use of a unique price matrix and, of course, the car’s condition.

Tata Motors Assured

8. Maruti True Value:

With a major chunk of Indian vehicle owners driving one or the other of Maruti’s vehicles, it was a logical choice for the company to start a second hand vehicles arm. It effectively expands the Maruti customer base by ensuring customers don’t have to concern themselves with the resale of their automobile. At Maruti True Value, a transparent and fair evaluation process is adopted ensuring the seller gets the right price and the buyer gets the value for his bucks. Again, a very efficient quality control system backed up with a 1 year warranty and 3 free services is put to use and the refurbishing is done by Maruti itself using genuine spares. And what’s more is, you can pay in cash/cheque, get a True Value car in exchange or get a brand new one. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

Maruti True Value - Best Places in India for Second Hand Vehicles

7. Ford Assured:

Having been launched in 2011, Ford Assured is doing considerable business in the pre-owned vehicles category. Launched in collaboration with its dealers, Ford Assured accentuates the business by assisting potential new buyers in disposing off their old vehicle. Besides being cost-effective, Ford Assured’s biggest USP is it providing a 1 year/20000 km. warranty on Ford cars as well as on competitive brands like Maruti, Hyundai, Tata and Chevrolet. A stringent 169 point check-list provides you the essential assurance to help you trust the quality of the vehicle.

Ford Assured - Best Places in India for Second Hand Vehicles

6. Auto Terrace:

To prevent you from all the hassle you might have to face for a second hand vehicle, Honda launched its used car division, Auto Terrace, aimed at the Indian market. You can exchange your existing car; any make any model, for a brand new Honda or if you wish, a pre-owned Honda. The mission of Honda Auto Terrace is to give you a convenient and transparent buying environment making the transaction a delight for you. And like all other brands, there is also a 1 year/20000 km. warranty on the pre-owned Honda you purchase.

Auto Terrace - Best Places in India for Second Hand Vehicles

5. Hyundai Advantage:

With its increasing market share, Hyundai Motors India Ltd. has also forayed into the used-cars market space in India under the brand name ‘Advantage’ to give good quality used cars to the Indian customer. The second hand vehicles sold at Advantage are certified after passing through a demanding quality and security control procedures comprising 147 checks and the end products is one to trust. Assuring trust, quality and clarity in the bargain, Hyundai also offers, as a bonus, warranty of up to 1 year or 20000 km (whichever is earlier from the date of sale).

Hyundai Advantage - Best Places in India for Second Hand Vehicles

4. Toyota UTrust:


Toyota is universally known to be trusted for its quality vehicles. With a unique concept in mind, Toyota launched UTrust in India, the concept being giving the buyer of a used car an experience at par with the New Car Buyer. The used-car segment in India being largely unorganized gave Toyota a chance to use its trusted image whilst foraying into this segment. At UTrust, you get choice, convenience and a good value for money. Inbuilt in the package, while buying a car, is a 1 year/15000 km warranty and up to 3 labor-free services at Toyota dealerships.

Toyota UTrust - Best Places in India for Second Hand Vehicles

3. GM Certified:

General Motors has captured a sizeable chunk of the Indian auto market. Correspondingly, the demand for their second hand vehicles is also on the rise. To serve this category, GM has diversified into the used-car division. GM’s used cars come with a stringent security check procedure and now include Owner Care: a benefits package that raises the coverage they provide considerably. With their exhaustive package including two manufacturer warranties, 24/7 roadside assistance and a 3 day/150 mile customer satisfaction guarantee, they truly take ‘no worries’ to a whole new level.

GM Certified - Best Places in India for Second Hand Vehicles

2. Audi Approved plus:

Now this is one place for connoisseurs of luxury and taste. Not everyone can afford an Audi. But at the pre-owned cars branch of Audi, Audi Approved: plus, you can get your mother’s desire fulfilled at a cost that suits your pocket. With a whopping 300+ inspection points ensuring the vehicles conform to the “Audi-Standards” (read defect-free), 12 months roadside assistance and trade-in and finance options, you really couldn’t ask for more. And for the first time in India, Audi is offering a 2 year and unlimited kilometers warranty and a 30 days exchange policy. So, do you need any more convincing?

Audi Approved plus - Best Places in India for Second Hand Vehicles

1. BMW Premium Selection:


BMW is a premium brand, so even the second hand vehicles are premium. This is what is signified by the name ‘BMW Premium Selection’. As a way to entice the Indian car owners and to have them taste the way of a BMW, BMW have also ventured into the used-car division. With a whopping warranty of more than 2 years, round the clock road-assistance, 360˚ technical and optical check with over 70 check-points and financing options, BMW is really going all-out to encourage you to try a car from its premium selection range.



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