Top 10 Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

10:33 am 25 Apr, 2013

Chiseled looks with well-built physique is more than enough for attracting female eyeballs. In case the combo is possessed by a Hollywood actor, his popularity among girls (at least) is most likely to escalate with each passing day. Though, it is tough to gain some tough muscles without sweating hard, once realized they definitely boost the overall personality of any actor. Here is a list of top 10 Hollywood male actors whose physique is killing in every sense.

10. Daniel Craig:

Daniel Craig, one of the recent James Bond actors has successfully captivated the audience with his well toned body. Already in his 40s, this perfectly shaped actor is no less than his young contemporaries when it comes to muscular biceps or well maintained abdomen muscles. Remember the scene in ‘Casino Royale’ where he emerges from the ocean sporting nothing but boxer shorts? A classic Hollywood Body that justifies his position in the countdown.

Daniel Craig - Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

9. Taylor Lautner:

It is very rare to find a teenager, who superbly carries such a well-crafted body, as is Taylor Lautner. It is still a mystery how this lanky lad managed to earn serious muscles between filming the first and second parts of the Twilight movie series. Whatever may be the secret, the guy has managed to enter the list of males with best male bodies in Hollywood at a young age.

Taylor Lautner - Top 10 Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

8. Liam Hemsworth:

He flashed his well-built body first time in the movie ‘The Last Song’ and it was the turning point in his career. From being an unknown in the world of Hollywood, Liam emerged as an actor with a perfect body and dashing looks. It is no secret that many girls watched the movie only to see his well-toned body.

Liam Hemsworth - Top 10 Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

7. Ryan Reynolds:

‘Green Lantern’ was a perfect platform for Ryan Reynolds who is currently regarded to have one of the most perfect Hollywood bodies. It was Bobby Strom, his weight trainer who made it possible for Ryan to carve out a body similar to Greek gods by making him work for 90 minutes daily.

Ryan Reynolds - Top 10 Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

6. Bradley Cooper:

Renowned for his strict workout schedule that used to consist of climbing mountains for two hours daily, Bradley Cooper is no new comer in the list of men with best male bodies in Hollywood. Most of the characters he plays in movies, too, are portrayed as being athletic and showcase the level of strength his body possesses.

Bradley Cooper - Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

5. Chris Evans:

The muscular ‘Captain America’ Chris Evans is one such actor who inspired other Hollywood actors to build an enviable physique. He was always in shape from his starting days, but gained weight and mass after his role in as the first Avenger. His physique is quite different from the rest and puts him in entirely different league for the stunning progress he made from his starting days.

Chris Evans - Top 10 Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

4. Dwayne Johnson:

More famous as “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson was a very prominent WWE name before he made his entry into movies. The wrestling superstar was already popular for his well toned body during his WWE days and now, in Hollywood, he easily qualifies in the list of best male bodies.

Dwayne Johnson - Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

3. Brad Pitt:

One of the most famous Hollywood actors of all time, Brad Pitt rules quite a lot of hearts. Already rated as the most attractive male of all time, Brad Pitt also boasts of a body that is to watch out for. Even after so many years in the film industry, women and girls go crazy for just a glimpse of Brad’s well-built, muscular body.

Brad Pitt - Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

2. Sylvester Stallone:

The ‘Rambo’ of Hollywood deserves to be in this list for his immaculate body curves and gigantic biceps. It was ‘Rocky’ that brought him major fame in his career. The bathing scenes in the movies where he was free to flaunt his abdomen curves were more than enough in attracting audience to movie theatres the world over.

Sylvester Stallone - Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

No one could match this bodybuilder of Austrian origin who became “Mr. Universe” at the young age of 20 before moving to Hollywood. It was Schwarzenegger’s biceps that talked more for him on the 70 mm movie screen than anything else. Girls went berserk when he flexed muscles and many youngsters dream each night to wake up the following morning with at least half of his stature to boast off. He may not be the one with the best Hollywood body in the current crop but he served as an inspiration for all and that makes Arnold Schwarzenegger number 1.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Top 10 Best Male Bodies in Hollywood to Die for

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