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Top 10 Best-Looking Passports

Published on 1 April, 2013 at 11:57 am By

Passport is issued by any country to its residents as a legal document that validates his/her international travel and also acts as a proof of citizenship. All the countries in the world have distinctive passports that vary in design. Some passports present a completely striking look to the on-looker and make them diverse from the league. The reason might be credited to the design, color or the inscription style on the cover or inside. Here is a list of top 10 best-looking passports:

10. Barbados:

One of the most beautifully designed passports in the world; the travel document issued by the island nation of Barbados is deep blue in color. It is very gleaming in appearance with the logo of “CARRICOM” and the words “CARRIBEAN COMMUNITY” along with “BARBADOS” inscribed on the top of the booklet that impart more appeal to the already beautifully designed piece.

Barbados - Best-Looking Passports

9. India:


With a deep blue cover seated on the exterior of the regular travel document issued to residents of country, Indian passport has words inscribed in Hindi and English on the cover. The emblem of India is inscribed on the center in golden color giving a royal touch to the document. Properly laminated, Indian passport is surely one of best looking travel document in the entire world.

India - Best-Looking Passports

8. Hungary:

Similar to all other Euro members’ passports, Hungarian travel document is also colored in burgundy red. The best part and the most unique concept applied to the passport of Hungary is that the visa pages have musical notes of the Szozat visible in UV light. It has also got beautifully written first eight lines of the National Anthem of the country.

Hungary - Best-Looking Passports

7. Venezuela:

A passport with 34 pages in total, Venezuelan travel document appears to be different in outlook as the biometric symbol is projected on the bottom of the cover unlike most others. Sporting a red color, the holder’s name and other information is inscribed on the plastic card that is also exclusive in some sense and makes the document appealing.

Venezuela - Best-Looking Passports

6. Palestine:

Issued since 1995 to the residents of Palestine Authority for purpose of an international visit, the passport is praised worldwide for its simple design and religious touch. The passport/Jawaz Safar is colored in green and the language used is Arabic. The inside page showcases a photo of eagle, thus adding mystic touch to the travel document.

Palestine - Best-Looking Passports

5. Portugal:

A standard Portuguese passport is deep red in color and decorated with golden print in a fairly unique way. The language used is only Portuguese unlike passports of most of the other nations. The words—“UNIAO EUROPEIA” are stamped beautifully above the country name with “Passporte” written below. It is aesthetically rich and the images were designed by Julio Pomar, a Portuguese painter.

Portugal - Best-Looking Passports

4. Netherlands:

The Kingdom of Netherlands also issues a passport that is rich in artistic sense and blueprint. The Dutch passport compiles to all the rules prescribed by the European Union. Colored in maroon, the passports has “EUROPESE UNIE” and “KONINKRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN” inscribed on it skillfully that spell bounds the on-looker totally.

Netherlands - Best-Looking Passports

3. Greece:


Most of the beautiful countries (including Greece) those have been bestowed with abundant natural beauty boast of first-rate passports too. The Greek passport sports a national emblem stamped on the center of the cover page. Similar to many other countries in the Euro zone, it also sports a burgundy red color that gives a vibrant touch.

Greece - Best-Looking Passports

2. Australia:

The standard Australian passport is black in color and vivid in outward show. The Australian Coat of Arms is emblazoned in the center of the front cover and generally issued in 37 page format. The passport is ideally designed in dark black color and showcases a Kangaroo and an Ostrich on the cover page with the word “Passport” inscribed at the lower end.

Australia - Best-Looking Passports

1. Finland:


A moose that walks elegantly inside the cover page of the passport, Finnish international travel document is the best-looking passport in the entire world. It is beautifully designed in burgundy color and depicts the standard European Union Passport design with Finnish Coat of Arms fashioned in the center of front cover of the document. It is bright in appearance and dazzling to eyes.

Finland - Best-Looking Passports

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