Top 10 Best Female Bodies in America

12:57 pm 29 Apr, 2013

Besides talent, America is known for its brigade of celebrities who are true personification of all things sultry. While some of them have worked their hearts out in achieving a well curved size zero figure others haven’t hesitated going under the knife. But, whatever their means of achieving the perfect figures, men loves them for the way they look. This list of top 10 best female bodies in America might give you more reason to visit the country.


10. Jennifer Aniston:

There are only a few female bodies which can be literally called ageless. Jennifer Ansiton, a 40 plus actress, is the perfect example of Hollywood beauties who look as stunning in bikini as any other girl half their age. Surprisingly, her increasing age is only improving her fitness, her attractiveness and her fashion sense, the credit of which of course goes to her.

Jennifer Aniston - Best Female Bodies in America

9. Salma Hayek:

Salma Hayek, the sexy film actress from Mexico, figures in every man’s wild imaginations. Of course, if everyone is as audacious in confessing this desire as me. Her cleavage is more than enough to make any potent guy uncomfortable. Salma’s nightclub dance in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ is one of the best exhibitions of her well-toned body.

Salma Hayek - Best Female Bodies in America

8. Megan Fox:

Known for her compressed body weight routine, Megan Fox surely knows a trick or two in order to catch the fancy of the male audience. Though, she may not be an outright seller of movie tickets for her acting prowess, she knows very well how to flaunt her assets and showcase her well-toned body where ever required.

Megan Fox - Best Female Bodies in America

7. Pamela Anderson:

Do you still remember those days when you used to watch the late night TV show ‘Baywatch’ in your bedroom with lights off and sound muted just for a sexy babe named Pamela Anderson? She was the darling of all teenage boys of the time and their dads, too. A former Playboy model, Pamela is famous around the world for her sensual body, the glimpse of which sends you to another world, altogether.

Pamela Anderson - Best Female Bodies in America

6. Halle Berry:

Dusky beauties are always regarded a step ahead from their fair skinned counterparts for the oomph appeal they bring into their roles on the movie screen. Her Bond-girl role in ‘Die Another Day’ and character of ‘Catwoman’ in the eponymous film were perfect platforms for Halle Berry to display her finely curved body. In case you haven’t seen her in a two-piece bikini on a beach, try to Google it at least once in your spare time.

Halle Berry - Best Female Bodies in America

5. Jessica Biel:

As toned as anyone can get, Jessica Biel is the perfect example of how a Greek goddess would look like. A self proclaimed gym buff who loves to practice sessions of Yoga, Jessica Biel is among those actresses who look perfect in their bikinis. Hers is a physique to die for and the reason why Jessica looks so hot is because of the hard on the body exercise she does.

Jessica Biel - Best Female Bodies in America

4. Angelina Jolie:

Arguably the most beautiful actress in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie is simply irresistible for her plump and fleshy lips. Famously known to possess an apple shaped figure, Jolie would top the list (if ever prepared) for having the most desired body. Brad Pitt is sure to be envied by every man! But the reason why she doesn’t top this list is because there are a few who have gone ahead of her.

Angelina Jolie - Best Female Bodies in America

3. Jennifer Lopez:

“Waiting for tonight” was one of my favorite songs in the late 90’s. However, to be more specific, more than my liking for the song was the video of the “Million Dollar Babe” (rumored to insure her lower body for million dollars) that drove me crazy, especially her seductive thrusts. Jennifer Lopez still commands one of the best female bodies in America and to top it all, she has never been out of shape ever since she stepped into the spotlight.

Jennifer Lopez - Best Female Bodies in America

2. Kim Kardashian:

It is just not about well-managed curves but something more subtle that makes Kim Kardashian the eye candy for all males. Currently riding on a wave of glory, Kim attracts more eyeballs for her sharp curves than any other female leads in Hollywood; at least this is what most youngsters feel. Although she has one of the most curvaceous female bodies in the world of glamour, she just misses the top by a whisker.

Kim Kardashian - Best Female Bodies in America

1. Kate Upton:

Model Katherine ‘Kate’ Upton has come a long way from her days as a young nobody to possess one of the best maintained female bodies in America at present. Known for her appearances in ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ Issue in 2011, Upton created ripples across the modeling world. Kate must be almost close to the perfect number of 36-24-36.

Kate Upton - Best Female Bodies in America


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