Top 10 Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

6:04 am 26 Mar, 2013

Everyone must have faced those moments in their lives when searching for a peaceful area for serious contemplation or for just a quiet “me-time” becomes excruciatingly difficult. Home is the place where we return to reenergize ourselves. At times, you are just unable to find the place in your home where you can seek a peaceful refuge. Here is a list of top 10 best areas to think peacefully when at home.


10. Loitering on the terrace:

Have you ever tried loitering alone on terrace during the mornings and evenings? If the answer is in negative then try giving it a shot, at least once. Surely, it would spin pure magic in the air for you. Fresh air and mobile legs are the perfect unison for comfortable thoughts. Additionally, you can rant out anything in complete solitary.

Loitering on the terrace - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

9. While staring out of the window:

Windows in the house have always been inspiration for numerous showmen in Hollywood. Martin Scorsese is one such example who derived numerous of his movie characters by just sitting near a window looking outside to the road. This way the mind forgets the daily troubles for a while and steps into a new world of imagination.

While staring out of the window - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

8. While sorting out the wardrobe:

The more complex it gets, the better it is for thinking, introspection or retrospection. It is an open secret how a homemaker plans out her strategy while arranging wardrobe in the house. With each fold of trouser she hits upon a new plan that is unique in its setting and design. Therefore, save time and utilize the precious moments while working on your wardrobe.

While sorting out the wardrobe - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

7. Sipping coffee on the dining table:

Coffee relaxes the mind and, in a peaceful environment, helps unwind the soul. Combination of both can create a new way to generate thoughts and dwindle down stress. It is always recommended to sit at the dining table and sip the morning coffee and to help in better planning of the day.

Sipping coffee on the dining table - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

6. Gardening provides rub of green:

Green is the colour of nature, fertility and life. So the green plants growing in your garden area will help you absorb the positive effects of the colour. Productive thought process also requires the same feed and similar ambience to get better and positive vibes. It is soothing to water plants in the garden and plan out the goals in your life with utmost ease and leisure.

Gardening provides rub of green - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

5. On the couch:

No one is asking you to be a “couch potato” and sit endlessly on the couch day and night in front of television. Just try spending some time in the evening or early morning figuring out the way of your life.  Couch is one of the two most comfortable places to sit and enjoy the morning tea or coffee (the other being the dining table). Peaceful thoughts are bound to follow if a person ventures into a comfortable zone.

On the couch - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

4. Breezy Balcony:

Balconies can offer a lot to a person in search of new ideas. Nothing better than leaning against the iron grills with a beer in hand and asking nature for new solutions in life. The Cool breeze caressing the face offers a touch of tranquility and composure. Balconies have always been the source of inspiration to many artists and can be same for you, too.

Breezy Balcony - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

3. In the bed:

A cozy bed is not just meant for your deep slumber; the bedroom can also be a place that assists a person in thinking peacefully when at home. It doesn’t require much to sit down on your bed and carry out an analysis of events or life. To most, the bed is the favorite place to find solutions to their problems.

In the bed - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

2. While cooking:

Cooking is recommended around the world by the medical experts as the perfect way to distress the mind. Those who have tried out their hand at cooking during nerve-racking days can’t question the potency of the tool. Therefore, kitchen is one of the top three places at home where peaceful thoughts arrive without any fuss.

While cooking - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home

1. In the bathroom:

There is no other place in the entire world that offers the same calm and serenity as bathroom does. It is quite common to read gossips in tabloids where movie stars spend plentiful in designing their washrooms to the best of their satisfaction. Can you guess the reason behind this lavish expenditure? Yes, the way bathroom pumps up peaceful thoughts in mind cannot be offered by any other place in the home.

In the bathroom - Best Areas to Think Peacefully When at Home


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