Top 10 Best Advices You Have Ever Received From Your Dad

2:00 pm 13 Feb, 2013


The relation between parents and children is always multi-dimensional. A father is not just an instrument of maintaining discipline and providing for the basic needs of children, but he’s the guide, the friend, the teacher, and the moral support children look up to. Sometimes he leads the path for us, and at other times he prepares us to take responsibility of our own lives. Here’s listing the top 10 best advices that children often receive from their dads before they understand responsibility.

10. Think before you act:

Every action elicits a reaction: this is what every dad tells his child from a very young age. For example, choose the right subjects in college, purse the career of your choice, choose your friend well and think twice before you say something to others. Being humble and compassionate is important; don’t do things that hurt others and don’t be vulnerable.

Best advices - Think before you act

9. You have to make your own choices:

The time when dads used to make all choices for their children, especially daughters, is gone now. In the present times more and more dads want their kids to be independent and know how to make their own choices in life. They want us to take the decisions of life on our own. Whether it about choosing our life partner, living in a particular city or the way we dress up, dads want us to take decisions.

You have to make your own choices

8. Respect your own choices:

Dads tell us to respect our own choices. Making a choice and standing by it are two different things, but once you’ve made the choice don’t give up on it just because others say so. If you wish to go the moon, plan well and go, don’t think about what anyone has to say about it. Or, if you wish to travel around the world on your own, go do it, have faith in what you so and respect the choices you’ve made. Everything happens for a purpose.

Respect your own choices

7. Your attitude towards yourself will determine how others will treat you:

How people treat you will depend on how you treat yourself. If you let them take you for granted, it means somewhere; you’re taking yourself for granted. If people love and respect you, it’s because you were able to earn it, and this can only happen when you respect and love yourself. Feel good about your being, and people will be happy to have your around them too.

Attitude towards yourself

6. Praise in public, but criticize in private:

While the rule applies to all, young men and women especially should never criticize anyone in public. It’s the last thing people expect from young people. And, always make it a habit to publically praise your friends and family for all the good they do; it pleases them. And, whenever you feel like telling someone something not so good about themselves, choose a private setting and don’t be harsh.

Best advices - Praise in public, but criticize in private

5. Unconditional love comes only from your family:


Dads teach us that the world seems bright on the outside, but it takes no time for it to become ruthless. Out there, only a handful of people will come to your aid if you are in trouble. The world is judgmental, and seldom forgiving. So, if you’re looking for trust, only count on your family, and a few very close friends.

Unconditional love comes only from your family

4. If the sun is setting today, it will rise again tomorrow:

Life being full of ups and downs, no matter how much anyone tries to protect you, avoiding the downs is not always possible. But, the thing to remember here is, that if the sun is setting today, come morning, it will shine again. Meaning, difficult times will be followed by good times. Never lose hope, only wait for the storm to pass by.

Best advices - If the sun is setting today, it will rise again tomorrow

3. There is a difference between dreaming and making it come true:

We’re all dreamers, but achievers are few. The easiest thing on Earth is to dream, the next easiest thing is to talk about your dreams, but facing all the challenges to meet the goal is something only the determined and fearless can do. If you have dreams that you want to want to come true, work towards them and don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t.

There is a difference between dreaming and making it come true

2. Admit your mistakes:

The most difficult thing in life is to admit your mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are small and unintentional, while at other times, they maybe intentional and cause serious damage to people. And, even when no one is able to point it out to you, your dad and your soul know when you’ve committed wrong. So, don’t let guilt take a grip over you. Let it out, apologise and try to bring things back together.

Admit your mistakes

1. Never date someone you can’t marry:

This is the biggest lesson of life you can ever learn from your dad. It’s like the parameter for judging whether someone is right for you or not. And, not necessarily can anyone chose the right person in the first chance, but the point is why hurt someone’s feelings or play with someone’s emotions, when it will all get over with a goodbye soon.

Best advices from Dad - Never date someone you can’t marry