Top 10 benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Updated on 9 May, 2012 at 9:01 am


To get started, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the number of visitors to a website by providing it a higher rank on the Searh Engine Result Page (SERP). Simplistically, SEO works like your ticket to getting found on the monolithic landscape of World Wide Web. Considering the fact that your website is your storefront and the gateway of your online success, TopYaps lists ten crucial benefits of Search Engine Optimization and wishes to see your web portal on a towering position in coming future.

10. Examines your success:

After performing the on-site and off-site optimization of your website by standard SEO techniques, you can easily become overwhelmed by tracking the number of visitors, landing directly on your product page. In case you’re not skilled in Search Engine Optimization, you can easily go for a professional SEO service provider. These service providers are expert in enhancing the various aspects of optimization and eventually deals with the overall succes of your website.

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9. Improves Alexa ranking:

As significant as the Google Page Rank system, Alexa deals with ranking your website on the basis of amout of visitors. Installing Alexa toolbar on your browser, setting your website as your home page, writing fresh, attractive and keyword rich contents, all are part of a proper SEO campaign. Once you start following these rules, you can surely witness a miraculous growth in your Alexa ranking.

Top 10 tips to increase Alexa ranking

8. Increases PageRank (PR):

Named after the co-founder of Google, Larry Page, PageRank algorithm represents a numerical value (1-10) which determines the significance of a particular page on the web. The PageRank is allocated to a particular website by measuring the number of backlinks it get from other websites as well as their own PageRank value. Here, Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in providing relevant links to your website.


7. Voguish online visibility:

There are thousands of indexed pages on the wide landscape of search engines, representing the same topic and the same material. But what’s the importance of being indexed when your web page lands in a far corner? Indeed, if you are seeking to make your presence on the first page of search engines then you must adapt a state-of-the-art SEO service. Success of your website depends on your effective online visibility, and this phenomeon could be achieved only if you have properly optimized your website.

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6. Cross-Browser Compatibility:

Gone are the days when Internet Explorer (IE) was dominating the browser industry. In the arena of multiple browsers, your website needs to make its presence on all available browsers with proper functioning of all the features. With seamless SEO efforts, the cross browser compatibility of your website can be stimulated astoundingly, providing your website a high rank on search engines.


5. Increases product sales:

If your website deals with E-Commerce then remember – you don’t have to just talk about your products, rather you have to show them off. As Search Engine Optimization increases your traffic and ranks your site high on the search engine result page, you can certainly convert visitors in the real buyers of your products.

4. Cost-effective marketing:

In real world, almost everyone loves to save money. And no doubt, Search Engine Optimization becomes your real friend when you’re seeking to promote your brand online without damaging your bank account. You can promote your website yourself by employing standard SEO techniques, and if you are feeling uncomfortable to deal with optimization stuff, you can hire an SEO service provider that suits your budget most.

3. Higher ROI:

If your website is optimized properly then it will increase the number of potential customers, for sure. If customers are increasing then you can realize that for 1 dollar you invested in web promotion, you are getting back 3 dollars or even more. Through focalized and tested SEO services, you can see the growth in your ROI over a period of time.

2. Step-up in branding:

Branding of your website depends on its online visibility, legitimacy and believability. Search engine algorithms are notable for changing their metrics at any time, sending top-notch websites into obscurity. For future results, an SEO expert not only concentrate on link building, but also constructing the brand name to set a platform for an unchanging and worthful web presence.


1. Increases traffic:

Your web traffic is the most crucial factor that decides your level of success. If you are not getting anticipated visitors then your overall effort is futile. The more optimized your site is, the more higher ranking you’ll get. And once when you are on a dominating position, all you have to do is sit on your couch and watch your website reaching sky and moon.