Top 10 Benefits Of Playing Video Games

9:31 am 27 Sep, 2013

Video games have evolved a lot over the years as the age group involved with video games has changed. Video games are no longer limited to kids but adults play them as well. Senior citizens have adopted video games as well and are seeing beneficial results to their health. The negative rep that video games had generated for allegedly promoting violence is not being countered with tons of positive benefits of playing video games. Here are the top 10 benefits of playing video games.

10. Motor Skills:

Video games improve motor skills in both children and adults. With the invention of movement recognition video games the improvement in motor skills has increased even more. Young children who play video games learn motor skills at a faster rate and it even helps maintain motor skills in old age.

Motor Skills

9. Reduction in Stress and Depression:

It has always been known that video games are a great way to reduce stress and fight depression. Video games are so immersive that winning in a video game gives us a sense of achievement as high as winning in real life. This helps in reducing stress and also fights depression and loneliness. Playing video games at the end of the day is a better stress reliever than watching TV.

Reduction in Stress and Depression

8. Vision and Hand Eye Coordination:

Another benefit of playing video games is the improvement in hand eye coordination. Contrary to previous beliefs playing video games within limits don’t damage the eyes but instead help improve vision, especially in young children. Playing continuously for many hours obviously strains the eyes but that will happen even if you watch TV or surf the internet for long hours.

Vision and Hand Eye Coordination

7. Decision Making Skills:

Video games require quick decision making and helps children to improve their cognitive ability and the ability to make quick decisions. Video games don’t have to be boring to be educational. Any video game can help in improving the decision making skills of a child.

Decision Making Skills

6. Pain Relief:

It has been seen that playing video games can relive physical pain temporarily. Basically video games distract people, especially small children from the physical pain and act as a numbing agent. Children forget about their pain even without the need of pain relieving medicines.

Pain Relief

5. Ability to Focus:

Video games are also being used to fight attention deficit disorder that has become common in young children. Video games require a lot of focus which is apparent from the fact that when you start playing a game, time flies by much faster. That’s because you are completely engrossed in the game. This helps in improving the ability to focus in children.

Ability to Focus

4. Team Spirit:

It has been seen that playing multiplayer games online helps in improving team spirit in children. Of course it can be said that playing real games and sports help a lot more in developing team spirit but it can’t hide the fact that video games can do the same. Games such as Counter Strike and DOTA require very good team work and communication between team members. It also teaches children to fulfill their particular role instead of always trying to be the hero.

Team Spirit

3. Self Confidence:

Playing and winning video games give a boost to any child’s self confidence. This is especially important if the child is lacking in self confidence due to failure in real world situations. A boost from playing video games can then translate into the real world and help the child grow into a balanced individual.

Self Confidence

2. Problem Solving Skills:

There is no arguing that video games improve the problem solving skills of children. Every move and every stage in a game has a new problem that needs to be solved. Children learn to find solutions by trying again and again. The ease of restarting the game from the point of failure lets them know that failing isn’t bad and that they can try a different solution the next time.

Problem Solving Skills

1. Communication Skills:

Many people worry that playing video games will make their children anti social or socially awkward. But the truth is that video games can actually help in improving communication and social skills. Team games require concise and clear communication. Many other games now have a social element to them and children meet new people online and learn to make new friends.

Communication Skills


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