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Top 10 benefits of Google Adsense

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:59 am By

Google’s adsense program has made a lot of money for a lot of people around the world. Especially in today’s age of the where advertisers and marketers use any forum available to reach out to new prospective clients, adsense has a role to play in almost any online business. A lot of people still earn a lot of profit even today from the program and that too with virtually zero effort. A few years ago the world was taken by storm with this incredible opportunity for people to make money from this form of sponsored advertising. Despite of the fact that many people taking advantage of the program in questionable ways, it still continues to be a powerful tool for web based businesses. So here are the top ten benefits of using Google adsense.

10. No product required:

Adsense does not require for user to have a product to sell. A website or even a blog that simply shares information is also adequate to make money on adsense, sometimes more than what people make by selling products. It is a great way for anyone to have a recurring source of income which does not require a lot of hard work or time.



9. Search options helps keep visitors on the site itself:

Google also offers a web search with adsense which is a great add on to have on any site as it keeps visitors on the site. With this search option a lot many visitors do not feel the need to leave the site. Since getting clicks on ads is what adsense is all about, multiple clicks can also easily be generated from users through the search option.


8. Multiple websites from one adsense account:

One adsense account can help cater to adsense on multiple sites. This is a great feature that many other pay per click programs do not have. It is a great way to manage Google adsense on multiple websites too and at the same time easy activity reports are also instantly generated in such a way that monitoring everything becomes simple.


7. Easy for everyone to use:

It does not require any major technical knowhow and virtually anyone can set up and use Google adsense. Even though it does involve playing around with some code with the ads, it is simple to use and has clear directions. It is also very easy to understand and anyone comfortable with a computer can easily understand most of what it’s about within the first 20 minutes of using it.


6. Google provides for the ads:

Most pay per click sites or programs require for a user to find the ads on their own and put it up on their site. In the case of adsense it is not so as Google picks out the ads that are relevant to the website and provides the user with the options. The ads are also in context to what is on the site which makes it a smart tool to use.


5. Customizable ads:

The look and feel of a site is an all important thing, most good websites are well designed and that is the reason why people feel like visiting them. Adsense allows for a great degree of customization with the ads that it supplies. The options provided to customize those ads are also easy which makes things easy even for amateurs.


4. Lots of help available online:

Getting started on adsense is also extremely easy. Apart from the easy interface and the easy setup, the web provides adequate resources on how users can make the best of adsense optimizations for their website. As a user you don’t really need to know much about codes too as quick guides will easily let a user know what they need to.

google online help


3. Expandable sponsored advertising:

It’s not just about straightforward content ads on websites with adsense. It also allows users to go beyond simple web browsing by helping place ads on search results and also on RSS feeds. This lets users target visitors that have a purpose for their browsing.


2. Very little time investment required:

Adsense does not require a user to set aside time for. It is virtually a self perpetuating once it is properly set up and only requires for users to check in regularly. It is a great way to generate some extra income on the side for many people.



1. It’s FREE!:

The best part about Google adsense is that it is free. Setting up a new account barely takes any time and all a person needs is a website or even a blog. The registration process is also not very complex and once well set up it can easily become a regular source of income for people from any walk of life.



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