Top 10 Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

11:45 am 24 May, 2013

Compared to a traditional job, freelance work can be a lot more advantageous if one is prepared to be creative, work hard and nurture work relationships that last forever. A large number of people dream of working as freelancers but fear taking the great risk of not having a permanent source of income. However, for talented artists, professionals and experts, there is no dearth of freelance assignments. The freelance work culture has especially increased manifold due to increased internet penetration. Listed below are the top 10 benefits of freelance work for anyone.

10. You are the boss:

As a freelancer, a person is required to do quality work for clients and meet mutually agreed deadlines. However, there are no strict rules that one is bound to follow and there is no pre-designed system of work. A freelancer need not seek anyone’s approval to accept or reject an assignment. Being autonomous helps a freelancer to learn every day.

You are the boss - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

9. You control your income stream:

People slog 6-8 hours every day at big companies without really being in control of their income. No matter how much a company is profiting off an employee, it is not going to deviate from the system of annual appraisals and other bonus and reward systems. Freelancers, on the other hand, can raise their hourly rates at any time provided they are doing quality work.

Greater work-life harmony - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

8. Greater work-life harmony:

Freelancers work from home and they face little or no problems in striking the right balance between professional and personal duties. If there are aged parents at home or young kids you need to take care of, continuing with a day job can be pretty hard. A freelancer can manage his/her time well, spend more time with family members and take a vacation when the need arises.

Greater work-life harmony - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

7. Network with people:

Freelancers nurture meaningful one-to-one relationships with several people every month. Since a freelancer has the choice of working for or collaborating with a client, contractor or another freelancer, these relationships are usually stronger and last for a really long time. A freelance web developer, for example, knows dozens of other developers, graphic designers, UI experts and bloggers.

Network with people - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

6. Casual attire:

As long as a freelancer doesn’t need to meet clients or contractors in-person, there is no dress code to follow. Millions of freelancers work online nowadays. They communicate over instant messengers, emails and VOIP applications. It doesn’t matter if a freelance database administrator works in his underwear or puts on a jacket.

Casual attire - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

5. Find time to do things you love:

It takes some time to improve earnings from freelance work. Once a freelancer is making a steady income, he/she can easily devote time to other activities, too. If you wish to travel around the country, learn music or try your hands on some cooking recipes, you can easily do it all. For a freelancer, following the heart is easy unlike a regular office-going worker.

Find time to do things you love - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

4. Pick and choose work:

A freelancer has the liberty of refusing any job he doesn’t like. There are some occasions when a freelancer may need to help out a client and invest in a long-term relationship but largely, clients and contractors in the world of freelancing never force people. If the offered price for a task is not agreeable or a freelancer wishes to focus on a more important job at hand, his/her choice on the matter is absolute.

Pick and choose work - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

3. Work from a location of your choice:

Freelance work does not necessarily mean work from home. Many freelancers spend several weeks at places they love the most. A freelance writer, for example, can live at home, go to the mountains or spend a month every year in a beautiful coastal town. Freelancers such as database analysts, coders, writers, architects etc. work on laptops and, unlike a stuffy office, they work in coffee shops, balconies and gardens!

Work from a location of your choice - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

2. Work on private projects:

Working on any private project is a choice that comes with freelance work. Since they can manage their time and control weekly or monthly income, they’re in a position to do what they’ve always dreamt of. A freelance journalist, for example, can start a blog or launch a monthly magazine. E-commerce portals, music albums, magazines, novels – many of such businesses are handled by freelancers from around the world.

Work on private projects - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone

1. Flexible work hours:

The biggest advantage of being a freelancer is having flexible working hours. You do have the opportunity take a day off, if needed. For example, if you are not in a mood to work on Monday, you can just go out and enjoy drinks with friends or spend time with family members. Most freelancers find their productive time zone (morning, evening or late night) and work only few hours every week.

Flexible work hours - Benefits of Freelance Work for Anyone


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