Top 10 benefits of education loans

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:58 am


Education loans are designed for students to help them pay for their education costs. Most education loans are targeted towards students that are looking to get into colleges. An education loan covers pretty much every educational expense for a student when in college and is a great way for people to get good higher education. Offered by both public and private banking institutions it is a positive initiative to help spread quality higher education. Other than banks a good number of educational institutions also provide various student finance schemes to support students with higher education. Education loans are beneficial in many ways not just to students but also to their parents; let us look at some of the top benefits of getting an education loan. 


10. Independence for the student:

Students that pursue higher education on a student loan turn out to be more independent than those that have their parents finance their education. It gives the students the assurance that they have an important role to play in their own education and at the same time does not undermine the importance of the support that students get from their parents.


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9. Parent rescued from recurring burden:

Parents are rescued from the burden of financing their son or daughter through an expensive college education. It is especially beneficial for parents who are unable to afford the luxury of paying for seats for their children in private colleges. Especially today when private institutions have huge fee structures, education loans are a great option to have available for parents.

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8. Helps students take responsibilities early:

It is a great way to have young adults take up responsibilities early in life. In this case even parents who can afford to pay for their child’s college education should consider taking up an education loan and have their children pay for it once they have a job. Since most loans also give students the lax period of around a year or two to help pay off their loans, it is a great way for parents to instil responsibility into the lives of their children by getting them to take care of their own educational costs.

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7. Easy to get education loans:

A large number of banks, public and private offer education loans and the processes are comparatively simplified as compared to most other loans. Other than banks a large number of organizations help out students by offering those loans and benefits which are available to anyone who wants to pursue a higher education.

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6. Good payment terms:

The repayment options are also great as compared to other loans. It is easy for the students to pay back the loan themselves once they get a job. Furthermore many banks also give the persons who take up the loan time to pay up even after their college education is done with.

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5. Low interest rates:

Education loans from public banks are subsidized by government schemes all around the world and have low interest rates as compared to a normal loan. Many governments take up an initiative to help improve the standard of higher education in their respective countries by offering subsidies.

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4. Tax exemptions:

For parents, there are tax benefits that are also offered on education loans. It is a good way for parents or students to save up some money on tax and this is usually a significant amount which can easily be put to use elsewhere.

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3. People of different classes can get a loan:

Education loans are meant for the underprivileged. People who are unable to pay for expensive college tuition can also send their children to colleges by virtue of an education loan. Most public banking institutions offer education loans for the very people who are unable to pay for college tuitions.

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2. Higher education for all:

Education is not a privilege in today’s world. However higher education is a privilege that many are unable to afford. Education loans are designed to make higher education accessible to people from all parts of society. Many governments make it a priority to help out with a lot of different schemes for facilitating higher education in every way possible and giving out easy education loans is one of the best ways to do that.

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1. Best way to pursue higher education:

As an adult in today’s world, students should make it a priority to fund their own higher education. It is a very satisfying feeling to be able to repay your own debts and it also instils a sense of purpose when it comes to the goal of a student in a higher learning institution. Even for people who are looking to pursues education beyond the college level, education loans are a great way to go about it.


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