10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

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Updated on 7 Apr, 2018 at 8:34 pm


Beaches of the world come in all colors, be it white, gold or black. Loved for their natural beauty, beachside activities or just for their crystal clear water; beaches indeed have been the most proffered destination when it comes to traveling. Have a look on 10 of the best beaches in the world.

1. Horseshoe Bay (Bermuda)

This is by far one of the best beaches in the world. Everything everyone says about it is true. You won’t be sorry if you have to go out of your way to get there, it’s worth it. If you’re up to it make sure you climb the “rock”. The view is fantastic. If you go on an “off day” the beach is not crowded and very peaceful. Move to the far end, climb the rocks and you’ll find several small and very private beaches with great snorkeling.



2. Boracay Beach (Philippines)

There are many reasons why Boracay enjoys the fame it has today. Foremost of these reasons is the white sand on its beaches. The sand is so fine and powdery, it is almost like sugar. It is very pleasant to touch; it is warm, soothing and very relaxing. It is truly a paradise where one can relax and shrug away the stress of day-to-day living. Give it a try once; it will be an experience you would not forget.



3. Valalta Beach (Croatia)

Five km long beach with sandy and stone bays, man-made terraces, palm trees, which offer you a great possibility to sunbath and take a swim. You can find your own bit of beach and rest and relax your body. It has the biggest (man-made) sand beach in Istria. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.



4. Oahu Beach (Honolulu)

Oahu is the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands and the island most visited by tourists. Oahu has more than 130 beaches of every conceivable kind — from legendary white-sand stretches to secluded rocky bays. Waikiki, of course, is the best known, but there are many others — some more beautiful, all less crowded.



5. Nungwi Beach (Tanzania)

A laid-back beach town in Zanzibar, Nungwi Beach is a place that can jolt you far away from reality and put you in a peaceful state of mind. Nungwi Beach is a ‘no worries’ place with white sands and crystalline waters dotted with white-sailed dhow boats. The landscape conjures the familiar image of a beach town: thatched-roof bungalows, hammocks and the sound of waves ebbing and flowing on the shore.




6. Clifton Beach (South Africa)

Clifton is actually a series of four beaches, each separated by a stretch of granite boulders. The beach is sprawling and clean, reflecting the brilliant African sunshine off-white sand and throngs of tanned bodies. Better than Hawaii or anything in the Caribbean. Lots of hot women from all areas of the world. Put this on your list of beaches to see and stay at before you die. Seriously.



7. Las Islas Cies (Spain)

Las Islas Cies beach is one of the more impressive beaches with far fewer people visiting the area and is a nature lover’s dream with spectacular views, crystal clear waters, light oat colored sands and a calm lagoon. A nature lover’s dream with its fantastic Nature Reserve.



8. Fernando de Nonronha (Brazil)

Fernando de Noronha is an island – named after a 16th-century Portuguese nobleman who may never have an actual set foot there – that exists in the Brazilian imagination somewhere not far from Shangri-la, Atlantis, and paradise. People glaze over when you mention it: eyeballs tend to roll upwards in that universal gesture of delight.


9. Maroma Beach (Mexico)

Entering the world of Maroma is like wandering into the warmth and pleasure of your best friend’s “casa.” Whether indulging in a private 4-hand massage by the ocean, or dinner by torchlight on the beach, this extraordinary retreat will make dreams you never knew existed come true. Ask friends if they’ve heard the very “hush-hush” and wildly romantic founding story of Maroma.



10. Pink Sands Beach (Bahamas)

That’s a matter of some regret if it isn’t on your itinerary. It’s the most beautiful beach on the earth. Absolutely one of the best, and going to be your personal favorite. The pink sand is memorizing and you can walk out into the Ocean for hundreds of feet. It is hard to imagine a perfect beach as it seemed to have everything: uncrowded, perfect sand and shallow water.