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Top 10 Banned Things Prisoners Easily Get in Jail

Updated on 17 August, 2019 at 11:47 am By

You would think that an American prison is the last place where a criminal or a convict or even an undertrial would resort to improper activities, wouldn’t you? Contrary to popular belief a lot of activities take place in a prison posing serious questions over its relevance. A facility where people are sent to be punished by preventing all the indulgences of normal life often turns into a free holiday home for prisoners. Banned items are taken in and out of the prison premises with such precision that you would wonder if the purpose of having a prison is actually served. Let us have a look at the top 10 banned things that prisoners easily get in jail.

10. Finger rings:

Sometimes items of jewellery such as finger rings are also banned in prison, the reason being several. Firstly, in prison fist fights the rings could end up injuring other inmates severely, and secondly, there are several gadgets which look like rings but can actually conceal a tiny saw and even a lock pick. However, in spite of being banned often prisoners are seen possessing and flaunting rings within the prison complex.

Finger rings

9. Aerosols or sprays:


Prisoners though allowed a list of personal hygiene and grooming products are not allowed to keep aerosols or sprays. The reason could be anything from incapacitating a guard to starting a fire! But there are prisons where through connections with the prison staff, inmates are seen to possess these items too. Though they can be mostly harmless, there is still no guarantee when these could be used for wrong means.

Aerosols or sprays

8. Prohibited medicines:

Every prison has a dispensary with an in-house doctor, and medicines presumably can only be administered after a go-ahead from this man in the white coat. But there is hardly any hurdle that the inmates, at least the smart ones, can’t spring over. They manage to get their hands on medicines with intoxicating effects or the banned ones. How they do it is a question the answer to which is again left to our fancy.

Prohibited medicines

7. Blades:

Prisoners are forbidden from having blades in their possession for the obvious reasons that they can cause harm to another inmate or even themselves. As a precaution from security aspects thus blades fall into the category of banned items in jails. But that doesn’t really stop them from possessing one, does it? Yes, blades are among a long list of things that the prisoners ideally should not have access to but eventually do!


6. Mobile phones:

It should not come as a surprise that mobile phones are among the foremost things banned in a prison. But mobile phones are also among the most smuggled items into prison where prisoners get away with possessing such phones. Whether it is to make unauthorized phone calls or to stay in sync with the social media to keep a track on the progress of their cases; prisoners go to great lengths to obtain one.

Mobile phones

5. Tobacco:

Cigarettes are banned in prisons and the urge to smoke is not really something that inmates are adept in fighting due to their soaring stress or depression levels being confined to a cell. Hence, again they make sure that in spite of being banned, tobacco is available in circulation in the prison. Sometimes it is the staff that goes ahead and actually provides it to them.


4. Weapons:

Every prison is a small community in itself with inmates often forming gangs. It is also common knowledge that fights occur between inmates who owe allegiances to different gangs within the prison walls. Sometimes this gang culture thrives to an extent that some of the convicts also manage to smuggle in weapons to the prison. Weapons by all means are prohibited for inmates in prison but again there is no stopping these men with a passion for the wrong.


3. Cash:


Every prison usually has a Commissary or a Canteen where inmates are able to purchase hygiene items, snacks, etc. Since cash is not allowed in the prison it is usually through an account that such purchases are made. But then a prison is a place filled with people who are generally experts at breaking laws, so cash, too, is found in flow in the prison. It is this cash that is used by the prisoners to obtain other banned items. How they get it could certainly be a topic to mull over.


2. Alcohol:

It is not really surprising that inmates manage to get their hands on alcohol as well. More often than not the prison staffs are actually involved in providing alcohol to prisoners. Of course, there have been some reports of jailbirds attempting to make cheap alcohol with the resources available in the prison compound. This has also resulted in several bouts of diseases among such convicts but then as they say, “you drink when you gotta drink!”


1. Drugs:


Drugs are prohibited inside prisons. Addiction is among the top reasons causing people choose the path of crime eventually leading them to jail. Obviously thus such inmates make sure that in spite of being banned, they still have their stack of drugs available. In such a scenario, drugs are smuggled to them through visiting relatives or often the prison staff, too.



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