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Top 10 Badasses of All Time

Published on 11 May, 2013 at 10:00 am By

Badasses can be defined as those hard ass workaholics for whom there is no limit to being un-cooperative. They’re enthusiastic and aggressive, but will not take a ‘no’ no matter what. The attributes mentioned above are rare and only one out of hundreds comes out breaking all rules of the game and caring nothing for what the critics have for them. Such people only know how to walk with head firmly held up and chest out; and with enough weight in each step they take. If the term seems offensive, you can walk away from this page without a bit of hesitation but if you’re keen to known about famous badasses, scroll down and read on.

10. Alexander the Great:

The only warrior ever to be born on the planet who didn’t lose a single battle in his lifetime, Alexander was a struggler who devised his own ways to beat the best despite facing all kinds of odds. His strategies and ploys were unmatched by all standards. He never paid much heed to the criticism showered on him by his adversaries. His way to success was to walk slow, but walk bold.

Alexander the Great

9. Genghis Khan:


It is next to impossible if you haven’t heard the stories of unparallel valor of the great warrior, Genghis Khan. The founder of Mongol Empire; Genghis Khan’s exploits on the battle ground are admirable even to this date. However, very few of us know the real side of this great warrior who had to fight against all odds to unite the nomadic tribes of North East Asia. It was his vision and zeal to work against the already laid out rules that placed him in different league altogether.

Genghis Khan

8. Ty Cobb:

One of the greatest hitters of all times the game of baseball has ever seen; Ty Cobb is an example of a man, who only worked on the rules he formulated. Known to be a racist and mean drunk, this talented player defied every rule of the world and led his life the way he loved.

Ty Cobb

7. Stephen Hawking:

The famous British cosmologist is a very popular example of a man who defied all odds around him to conquer the impossible. The man has left behind a vast legacy for mankind in the form of his works as an academician and a writer. The most popular work being ‘A Brief History of Time,’ which is featured in many must read book lists till date. Despite his disabilities, Hawking was fiercely unwilling to accept any help, and in fact assisted others on many important scientific missions.

Stephen Hawking

6. Sun Tzu:

Known to be the master of the badassery, Sun Tzu was amongst very few who even propagated the principles of badassery through the medium of writings. His book “The Art of War” clearly proves the point. He was famous as a fearless warrior who had his own way of making opponents bite dust. Most of his victories were accomplished in trying circumstances when even the closest of his confidantes weren’t sure of victory.

Sun Tzu

5. Galileo Galilei:

It required something extra ordinary to take the world away from the influence of Aristotle’s doctrines. However, one person named Galileo had the guts and the evidence to challenge the status quo. Though, he was targeted and heavily criticized for being too innovatory, but what he accomplished later justified his struggle for truth proving him to be a true revolutionist.

Galileo Galilei

4. Michael Jordan:

One of the very few players that dominated the world of NBA invincibly, Michael Jordan was known to be an astute badass of his time. He fought with opponents, teammates and others whom he thought to be an obstacle in his way and played the game on his own terms. The way he played his game was a sign of his ruthlessness and smart badassery.

Michael Jordan

3. Napolean Bonaparte:


The general with whose dictionary never had the word timidity in it, Napolean was a really well known badass of his time. Renowned for his liking for the improbable, the great warrior literally kicked the asses of most of the great warriors of Europe, Egypt and Middle East during his reign. It is therefore that even today, he tops the list of badasses in the history of the world.

Napolean Bonaparte

2. Muhammad Ali:

If there was anyone as brute as a lion in its own courtyard, it was Muhammad Ali. The fiery boxer rose from the ground to conquer the world of boxing in a way never witnessed ever before. Not only was he a revolutionary in the game, but also defied the US government and went behind the bars against the directive imposed on him and risked his entire career in the wake of following his own will.

Muhammad Ali

1. Adolf Hitler:


Who else could be more merciless than cruel Hilter. He was the man who dragged world to World War II. Despite being the most hated person in the world, Adolf Hitler was known to be a master strategist who deceived even the greatest warlords with his ploys. He was also one of those people who cared very little for what their critics have in store for them and emerged successful despite all the hatred and rivalry.

Adolf Hitler


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