Top 10 arcade games of all time

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:23 am


Arcade games were a big thing when they came out in the 70s. The amazing manner in which they gained popularity not just among the young teens but all the way up to people aged 21 is incredible. The advent of games led to the development of other categories of games which are today so popular. The games needed coins for people to play them and people used up a lot of coins when the arcades were popular. The variety of games that were offered were also numerous and the entertainment almost never stopped.

10. Galaxy Game:

The Galaxy game was the arcade version of Spacewar which was among the first known computer games. It was among the first arcade based platforms which was developed by 2 students from Stanford University. The game was not a commercial success in any way and nor was it very popular but it opened up a new vista for arcade games on the whole.

9. After Burner:

After Burner came out at a time when there was a lot of craze among people about fighter planes. It let people enjoy the experience of flying a plane without any fears and that too only at the cost of a coin or two. The game was amazing because you could fly different fighter planes and shoot down enemy planes. All that for a coin or two!

8. X-Men:

The X-Men series is well known to the world and there are many different games made on the series. The arcade version was a huge success as the characters, the graphics and the game play was simply brilliant. The characters were the same as the series and since people already knew about the comics, this multiplayer arcade game was a towering success.


7. Mortal Kombat 2:

Mortal Kombat 2 was one of the biggest arcade games ever. The popularity of a one on one fighting game has always been great since they were first launched. Mortal Kombat had personalized moves for every character and some special moves for every character which made things way more fun than most other games.

6. Rampage:

The game was very different from most games, the three main characters in the game, George the Gorilla, Lizzie the Dinosaur and Ralph the Werewolf. The object of the game was to go on a rampage to destroy cars, buildings and each other. The game was an instant classic when it was launched as it had a unique thing to offer to the players.

5. Dance Dance Revolution:

Although the game does seem very pointless to a large extent where the players try and emulate the so called dance moves made by the computer, it was still very popular. This game is the perfect example of how they could help bring people closer to each other and also helped create a social phenomenon which is unique.

4. Double Dragon:

This game was known for its violent streak. This game had limited play when it came to the central characters but you could kick and punch your way across hordes of enemies who would come at you from both directions. The game also provided some weaponry in the later levels and set several benchmarks for fighting games to come.

3. Street Fighter 2:

Street Fighter 2 was the successor to the already highly successful Street Fighter and this game became an instant success. It was a two player game where people could fight and compete against each other. Armed with powers and special moves very much like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter had a better detailing which led to its greater success.

2. Donkey Kong:

Donkey Kong is to date one of the most popular and successful arcade games of all time. The game was very simple and to some extents even illogical as every time you would get to rescue the girl, the monkey took her and moved to the next higher level. This game was deemed a failure when it was launched but it became a huge success.


1. Pac-Man:

Pac-Man is undoubtedly one of the most successful arcade and pc games of all time. The Pac-Man is chased around a maze by the villains known as Inky, Pinky and Clyde. The 2-D game is extremely difficult to play at higher levels and the only hope for the player is to get the Pac to the power ups which can let the Pac devour the enemies instead. Use your power ups wisely else you will just have to run.

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