Top 10 Animals With Really Dumb Faces

4:39 am 6 Apr, 2013

There are animals that would make your hearts melt and you would want to actually take them home! But then there are those which do not really belong to that category. With faces weird and dumb, there are certain animals that would make you run in the opposite direction! They infact look like animated characters that have walked right out of a comic strip! They don’t look like serious animals but a amusing take on them in reality! Read below to find out about some animals with funny and dumb faces!

10. Hatchet Fish:

The Hatchet Fish looks like a man in a fish’s body with eyes like transparent balls hanging out of sockets along with strangely narrow mouths! They are typically found at depths of 200-600 meters in tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. If you really had to describe it, the face of a flabbergasted man with the face forcefully contracted and deformed vertically could be one way to go about it!

Hatchet Fish - Animals With Really Dumb Faces

9. Star Nosed Mole:

The Star Nosed Mole is found in wet low areas of eastern Canada and the north-eastern United States. It is covered in thick, blackish-brown, water-repellent fur, and has large, scaled feet and a long, thick tail. It looks fleshy and weird which makes it an unpleasant sighting. These moles have the ability to smell underwater and are colonial in behavior  It is not one of those animals you would want to look at prior to lunch!

Star Nosed Mole - Animals With Really Dumb Faces

8. Naked Mole Rat:

The Naked Mole Rat is also known as sand puppy or desert mole rat. It is a burrowing rodent and is native to East Africa predominantly southern Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. With its unusual physical appearance as though its skin has been removed, this is certainly one of the deserving entries in this list. They are found in colonies of 20 to 300 individuals. It is certainly not one of those animals whose face would make your heart melt!

Naked Mole Rat - Animals With Really Dumb Faces

7. Potoo:

Just as the name sounds these are not one of the popular animals. The Potoos are near passerine birds related to the nightjars and frogmouths. These are nocturnal and do not fly during the day, which is probably a good thing! They are monogamous breeders and both parents share responsibilities for incubating the egg and raising the chick. These have peculiar faces with one wide mouth, very short beak and huge yellow eyes; certainly not an appealing animal to look at!

Potoo - Animals With Really Dumb Faces

6. Red-lipped Bat Fish:

You should take a look at how the Red-lipped Bat Fish looks like to get an idea of its bizarre appearance. With a big mouth and a protruding nose it looks like an animated character. It certainly looks like a terrible cross between a Woodpecker and a gorilla with a big, flat mouth! It is found in the Galapagos and has a close relative in Central American waters.

Red-lipped Bat Fish - Animals With Really Dumb Faces

5. Leaf Tailed Gecko:

This animal looks like it had just received a big jolt! Right out of one of those comic strips that you would have grown up reading, this animal has big round eyes and a strangely triangular mouth with is not a pretty sight! Someone up there must have had a real good sense of humor for creating the Leaf Tailed Gecko. It looks strangely happy and is most certainly one of the weirdest looking reptiles.

Leaf Tailed Gecko - Animals With Really Dumb Faces

4. Snub Nosed Monkey:

Really that’s what these are called- the Snub Nosed Monkeys for you would find their noses strangely short stumped on their round faces with nostrils arranged forward.  These are found in Asia in mountain forests up to 4000m especially Tibet, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Guizhou. The face looks like something had terribly gone wrong during its conception.

Snub Nosed Monkey - Animals With Really Dumb Faces

3. Axolotl:

These are found in Lake Xochimilco in Mexico. It is a type of salamander which appears like a cartoon character if not more. It has weird red hair like tendrils on its head with a face which looks like a miniature lizard without skin! It is an amphibian and believe it or not it is also considered a delicacy in certain parts of Mexico! Well perhaps what it lacks in the way it looks is made up in the way it tastes!

Axolotl - Animals With Really Dumb Faces

2. Tube Nosed Bat:

The Tube Nosed Bat is found in the rain forests of Philippines. It looks like a dog with a weird nose despite it being a bat. Infact you would be confused if it looks more like a dog or a fox or a bat or just a horrendous cross between the three!  Orange eyes, yellow ears and nose gives it a multi-colored appearance; certainly not one that is soothing to the eyes! It is certainly one of the strange faced mammals!

Tube Nosed Bat - Animals With Really Dumb Faces

1. Aye Aye:

Aye Aye is a lemur which is primitive to Madagascar. It is a strepsirrhine primate and has rodent-like teeth and a special thin middle finger. It is infact the world’s largest nocturnal primate. One look at its face and you would realize why this animal figures in this list. As per an ancient Malagasy legend it is believed to be a symbol of death. Well you can very well fathom one of the reasons behind the birth of such a superstition!

Aye Aye

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