Top 10 Amazingly Intelligent Characters in Movies

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Movies have always brought fiction and reality to life in many ways. The portrayal of some amazingly intelligent characters on the big screen has almost always been a winning combination for filmmakers. In many cases, real-life geniuses are honored through movies based on their lives. In other cases, an amazing fictional genius is created as a smashing formula for films. Whatever may be the case, the portrayal of a genius takes a lot of preparation and dedication for the actors as the characters that are created are special in so many ways. Here is our pick for the top 10 amazingly intelligent characters in movies.


10. Tony Stark from Iron Man:

Iron Man is a character from the Marvel universe which was recently brought to life with a series of amazing films. Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, the billionaire turned superhero who goes by the name of Iron Man. Besides being clad in a near invincible armor, Tony is also one of the sharpest minds around because it is he who created Iron Man.

9. Jackson Pollock from Pollock:

Pollock is the story of American Painter, Jackson Pollock. The film was released in the year 2000 and is a brilliant tale of this abstract expressionist painter who lived from 1912-1956. The character of Jackson Pollock is played by Ed Harris who pulls off this role wonderfully well leaving behind the impressions of a genius and his life’s work.

8. Fred Tate from Little Man Tate:


Little Man Tate tells the story of a child prodigy, Fred Tate who is raised by a very concerned mother played convincingly by Jodie Foster who tries her best to give her child a normal childhood. This film was the directorial debut for Foster and it was a success at the box office, too. The character of the enigmatic child prodigy is played by Adam Hann-Byrd. The child struggles to find his social and psychological balance in a world that does not seem to be ready for his intellect.

7. Sherlock Holmes from the 2009 eponymous film:

Sherlock Holmes is a much-loved character from fiction and Robert Downey Jr. does an excellent job of bringing this character back to life in this 2009 film. Holmes is an eccentric and unpredictable detective who is extremely observant and intelligent to boot. His observations of the slightest vagrancies in crime scenes and his keen sense of adventure lead him and his friend, John Watson (played by Jude Law), on topsy-turvy adventures.

6. Dr. Brown from Back to the Future:

Back to the Future is a science fiction, action comedy film that was released in 1985. The film follows the story of Dr. Emmett Brown who builds a time machine. The misadventures of the good doctor and his unlikely assistant, Marty Mcfly, lead them into the past where the latter meets up with his teenage father and helps him get in touch with his mother who is also a teen then. Unfortunately, the mother falls for the son she never knew she had. The character of Dr. Brown is played by the well known, Christopher Lloyd.

5. William Forrester from Finding Forrester:

A writer hiding away from the world meets a boy who forces him to come out of his shell. The main character of William Forrester is played by Sean Connery in this drama film from the year 2000. The boy in the film is played by Rob Brown who does his best to cope up with his new world in a private school. Overlooked by his teachers, he stumbles across Forrester who recognizes his writing skills and helps him build up the courage and confidence he needs to face the world.

4. Will Hunting from Good Will Hunting:

This critically acclaimed drama film from 1997 stars a young Matt Damon who is a genius but chooses to work as a janitor at MIT. When a professor poses a complex math problem to his students, Will manages to solve it anonymously and quickly forcing the professor to try and reach out to this young and troubled boy. His misadventures lead him to face some troubles which the professor promises to take care of if the genius comes to study mathematics and take up some therapy.

3. Joshua Waitzkin from Searching for Bobby Fischer:

Searching for Bobby Fisher is the name of a 1993 drama film which is based on the life of chess prodigy Joshua Waitzkin. In the film, Waitzkin is being trained by a very aggressive teacher who wants his student to reach the level of legendary Bobby Fischer. The instructor pushes the boy to reach great heights while the boy meets up with a speed chess hustler and is influenced by him easily.

2. Raymond from Rain Man:

Rain Man is played by Dustin Hoffman in this movie also starring Tom Cruise as his younger brother Charlie. The two men share a common father who leaves behind most of his inheritance to the elder but autistic son, Raymond. Before the question of inheritance was put before Charlie, he did not even know about the existence of his brother. Raymond and Charlie are forced to spend time together and although autistic, Raymond has an amazing memory but very little understanding, he is also a mathematical genius who remembers every number that he ever saw. The misadventures of the two brothers lead them across the country in a car as Charlie, somehow, tries to get his hands on the inheritance.

1. John Nash from A Beautiful Mind:

A Beautiful Mind is based on the life of Nobel laureate John Nash. Nash is a genius mathematician who is looking for the right kind of paper to publish and will not publish something that is unworthy of his genius. This movie is based on the biographical accounts of Nash’s life and Russell Crowe, who plays the character, does a wonderful job throughout the film. Things take an ugly turn as Nash is diagnosed with Schizophrenia. His wife played by Jennifer Connelly battles it out through his condition which is in no way stable as he neglects to take his medication and meets up with them all, too, familiar characters of his troubled mind.


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