Top 10 amazing coincidences

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Updated on 18 May, 2012 at 11:58 am


Chance, fate or a preplanned strategy of supernatural forces…I am shaking a bit, while writing this storming article. However, there are endless bizarre coincidences, which somehow relate our life but this page of Topyaps is depicting the ten most amazing coincidences–Beyond the law of probability, and which goes like this:

10. The Spy Next Door:

An imaginary character which later emerged as a real one ! According to this amazing coincidence, Norman Kingsley Mailer, an American novelist, was working on his novel “Barbary Shore”, in which he introduced the character of a Russian spy. Initially, the character of spy was almost insignificant but later it became the lead character of novel. When novel was completed, a Russian spy, Colonel Rudolf Abel was arrested by the American immigration service. Surprisingly, the spy lived just one floor above in Mailer’s apartment.

9. The Book:

In 1973, British actor, Anthony Hopkins was signed for a movie “The Girl From Petrovka”, based on the novel of George Feifer. During his visit to London, he approached several bookshops to buy a copy of this novel but he can’t get one. While waiting his train on station, Anthony was shocked when he noticed the same novel lying on his bench. Here, I have used the word “Shocked” because it was the personal copy of Feifer which was stolen from the car of Feifer’s friend.

8. Secret Behind The Name:

Wondering, is it the law of probability? Two American women went into an office to register a complain as both were allotted with the same social security number due to computer generated error. While rectification of this blunder, a chain of weird similarities was disclosed. They shared a same name: Patricia Ann Campbell, both were born on same day: March 13, 1941, both of their fathers were known as: Robert Campbell, both were married in 1959 with military men, both had two children aged 21 and 19, both were buff of oil painting, both had worked as book-keepers and both had studied cosmetics.


7. Mystical Monk:

Joseph Matthaus Aigner, an Austrian painter, attempted to hang himself when he was just 18 year old but he was interrupted by a mysterious Capuchin monk. At the age of 22, he once again tried to himself but the same monk appeared on the spot and stopped him to do so. Due to his radical political activities, the Austrian government sentenced him to death but again he was survived by the same monk. Finally, at age of 68, he committed suicide by his personal pistol. Shockingly, the very same monk conducted his funeral ceremony.

6. The Lost Daughter:

Michael Dick, a carpenter from bow, tried his best to search his daughter, Lisa, who was lost ten years earlier. After various unsuccessful attempts, he finally approached media and asked them to track down his daughter. Luckily, Lisa saw the photograph of his pleading father in a newspaper and the pair was reunited. But adding weirdness to this reunion, people came to know that Lisa was behind her family members when they were photographed by the media.

5. Catch Me If You Can:

One of the most amazing stroke of luck. In 1937, Joseph Figlock was walking through a street when a baby fell on him from the 4th floor of a building. In this incident, baby was survived and suffered some nominal injuries. After one year the same baby once again fell from the same window and surprisingly on the same person, Figlock. Again, both of them survived the incident.

4. The Revenging Bullet:

One of the most thrilling coincidence of this list ! In 1893, Henry Ziegland, a resident of Texas, dumped his girlfriend. The distressing incident compelled his girlfriend to commit suicide which provoked her brother to kill Ziegland. Her raging brother approached Ziegland and shot him. After affirmation of Ziegland’s death, her brother took his own life with the same weapon. Luckily, the bullet just touched the face of Ziegland before sticking in a tree. In 1913, Ziegland decided to cut down the giant tree (which still had the bullet) manually but later he decided to use dynamite. Due to the jerk of explosion, the bullet directly propelled into his head, killing him.

3. The Poker Nerd:

This story dated back to 1858, when Robert Fallon, a British man was gunned down by his fellow players while playing poker. They claimed that Fallon had won $600 through cheating. The empty chair of Fallon was taken by a strange person and surprisingly he turned the Fallon’s winnings to over $2,200. Eventually, the police arrived to investigate the crime scene and demanded the stranger to give back the original $600 to his next of kin. After witnessing the entire scenario, the stranger discovered that Fallon was his father, who had not seen him from last seven years.

2. Finally At Home:

One of the most incredible coincidence ever told. In 1899, a Canadian actor of Prince Edward Island, Charles Francis Coghlan arrived Galveston to participate in a play. Amid the trip, his health deteriorated and finally he died of heart failure. It was impossible to return the body to his homeland which was 3,500 miles away from the death spot, so he was cremated inside a granite vault. In 1900, Galveston was struck by a deadly hurricane which devastated the graveyard and carried away his coffin into the Gulf of Mexico. In 1908, his coffin was spotted by a fisherman near the shore of Prince Edward Island, Coghlan’s homeland. Later, he was buried in a church of his motherland.


1. The Slayer Taxi:

Well, this one has left me open mouthed. Switching to Bermuda, a man was killed in 1975, when his moped collided with a taxi. After one year, victim’s brother was riding the same moped which accidentally struck the same taxi and he was also killed. Surprisingly, the taxi was driven by the very same driver and carrying the very same passenger.

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