Top 10 airline services

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:25 am


Airline services are fast becoming more and more common and a preferred way for people to span the globe as quickly as we can. The rise in the number of airlines today has offered people a lot of choice and they can choose to travel in luxury or can go in for the economy of the flights. The days when airline travel was still considered unsafe by a lot of people are also gone as today the planes are not just safe but offer the best of services which the airlines do their best to provide the best services.

10. Malaysia Airlines:

The government owned airline was started off in 1963 and has since then made a name for itself around the world for the quality of services offered. The airline has flights going in and out of the country and also has a lot of international flights around the world. It is a 5 star airline and has expanded a lot because of the spread of tourism in the area.

9. Thai Airways:

The airline has around a hundred aircraft that goes to more than 35 nations. The airline was formed in 1960 and had two different branches till 1988, the domestic and the international. The tourism industry is again the big factor in influencing the rise and spread of the airline however the services offered are also rated top class by more than 80% of its customers.

8. Emirates:

The Emirates airline is the flag carrier of UAE and has more than 100 flights going to at least 60 nations around the world. With a global workforce of more than 50000 people, it has only large planes in its fleet which touches 150 planes. The airline has been rated among the top in the world many times now.


7. Qantas Airlines Limited:

Qantas stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services and is the oldest serving airline in the world. It is also among the largest airlines and has been rated a 4 star airline by Skytrax which is an international body. It has a fleet of around 140 planes most of which are large size aircraft like the Airbus and the Boeing.

6. Etihad Airlines:

Etihad Airlines is the national carrier of Abu Dhabi in the UAE and was formed in 2003. The airline has a small number of flights as compared to the rest with the fleet just touching about 60 aircraft. The airline however has earned most of its revenue from cargo aircraft. The passenger services are also excellent and the value of the airline keeps increasing each year.

5. Air New Zealand:

Operating out of Auckland, New Zealand, the airline is the national carrier for the small nation. It was founded as early as 1940 and has since then served the South Asian region and the continent down under. The tourism that exists in the area is a major source of its passengers and the airline has around 50 flights which are increasing in numbers each year.

4. Cathay Pacific Airlines:

Cathay Pacific is an airline that is operating from Hong Kong and was founded in 1946. The fleet is continually expanded as the numbers touch more than 130. The airline has more than a hundred flights to about 40 nations worldwide and is also known to set new standards each year with the level of services offered.

3. Qatar Airways:

Qatar airlines was found in 1993 and has since then set many quality standards the world over. The airline employs more than 20000 people and has flights to more than 100 international destinations. The airline has a number of different planes among the 96 that it owns and is also known to offer the best in-flight entertainment among airlines.

2. Singapore Airways:

Singapore airlines were named so in 1972 but were founded as Malayan Airlines in 1947. The airline is among the largest in the world and has flights to all over the world. The airline is one of the largest employers too and has a market capitalization value of around 15 billion dollars.


1. Asiana Airlines:

The Asiana Airline is the flag carrier of South Korea and is also a leading airline in the world. The unique services that are offered by the airline have given it the top spot in the international ratings more than once. The 5 star airlines have about 80 planes which go to around a hundred destinations which also include the cargo airplanes. It was started off in 1988 and has since then established itself as the leading global airline.

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