Top 10 adventure travels

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:44 am


The human spirit is attracted to adventure in many ways. Some people have to have some form of adventure in their lives else it’s all too boring to have the same kind of thing happening. If you are in love with adventure and still manage to use your little escapades to get yourself reinvigorated that is also a good thing to do as most of the adventures leave you with renewed energy to go through life’s everyday challenges, however the challenge of a great adventure travel needs to be done by everyone to really experience some thrills in the bosom of nature. Here is a list of the top ten adventure travel destinations.

10. Norway:

The land of the Vikings, Norway is an adventure traveler’s delight as it has so much to offer, the many different varieties that are offered with the unique terrain and history in place with itself. Norway’s mountains are well known to be among the best in the world to take your snowbound adventures to. If you are a daredevil of any kind, even then the Norwegians have a lot to offer.

9. British Columbia:

Canada is known to have many adventures for the traveler. The variety that is offered will make sure that your vacation is full of adventure at every step. You can climb and jump mountains, go hiking in the plains and valleys or walk beside the river and if that doesn’t do it for you, you can go to the beach. British Columbia has incredible tourist variety and is a great thrill for any tourist.

8. Madagascar:

An island in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar has become a very popular tourist destination. The wide variety of water activities that are available here on this island have been augmented by the boost that ecotourism has got in the region. Today people go there to experience the island and not just the water related activities.


7. Switzerland:

One of the best known tourist destinations of all time, Switzerland will make you want to stay there. The first thing you will notice about the place is that it is very easy to find adventure there. You can enjoy hiking, rafting, hang gliding, cliff diving, air boarding and dog sledging which are just a fraction of the adventure activities that the place has to offer. The best thing is that its open all year round.

6. Croatia:

The variety of activities that you will find on the highlands of Croatia is amazing. The amount of discovery that the adventures of this land offer are unique in so many ways and the cultural varieties that it offers area also equally alluring in so many ways as the confluence of cultures makes for the perfect adventure pot.

5. South Africa:

The African nation has always been a hub of tourism and fashion since long and of late has acquired quite the reputation as an upcoming adventure tourism spot. The combination of mountains and the oceans works again here but there is still so much more. You can hit the jungles in a safari or got yourself into some of the private reserves that the place has for some special encounters with animals.

4. Peru:

Peru is the land of adventure in many ways. The Andes, the Amazon Machu Pichu and the Nazca Lines are all well known names to the adventure tourist. The country is easily among the best places to find your own unique adventure. Definitely a country worth visiting at least once, Peru is an adventure travelers delight.

3. Mongolia:

Mongolia is a great place to be in the wild with no modern arrangements or amenities. The wildest of all the adventure countries, this place will bring out the adventurer in you as you ride horse back across the plains or decide to enter the Gobi desert which is known to be one of the most uninhabitable places on earth.

2. India:

India is a land of diversity. The length of the nations has more regions and more people that you can count. The terrains are all amazingly vast and in places are untouched. You can swim in the oceans in the islands or go up to the highest places on earth into the Himalayas. The most amazing thing about India is that is so easy to get lost in and yet you are always somewhere where you will find good hospitable people. Just a cross country train ride should be enough for a tourist, a traveler might end up staying.


1. Australia and New Zealand:

The reason for mentioning two of the hottest destinations together is because it’s not really possible to be in the great diverse regions of New Zealand and not visit the Australian outback. The oceans offer some of the most exhilarating experiences anywhere and it’s the same down under. The Australian continent is a vast and endless land of adventure that will never end.