Top 10 Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

12:00 pm 25 Apr, 2013

“Typecasting” is a bane for any movie and the actors characterized in it are often stereotyped as clichéd and boring. Audience has become wiser than they were during the late 80s and 90s, when directors would dish out the same characters in order to call audience to the theaters. Even actors at times are more naturally inclined to playing certain characters, and kept enacting the same roles over and over again. Many of them have failed the test of times only because they drew limits to the kind of roles they would play. To help you out while searching for such individuals, here we go with a list of top 10 actors who play stereotyped roles every damn time.


10. A.K. Hangal:

The grand old man of Hindi cinema, who essayed one of the most memorable characters in the blockbuster ‘Sholay’, A.K. Hangal is known to have played the same kind of roles in nearly all his movies. It’s difficult to recall if we ever saw him playing something else than a frail old man. We’ve always seen him as a fatherly figure devoid of appropriate funds in the old age that gives him a spot in our countdown.

A.K. Hangal - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

9. Adam Sandler:

He is the man who should be interestingly watched not for the character he plays, but for the fact that he never plays anything different. Adam Sandler is a vastly talented actor in Hollywood industry; we certainly wish to see him play diverse roles in his acting career. But he continues to bore us playing the same goofy-type boy who changes over to a smart person at the end of the tale. This is what Adam is all about in his movies such as ‘Big Daddy’, ‘50 First Dates’, ‘Just Go With It’ and many more.

Adam Sandler - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

8. Will Ferrel:

Will Will Ferrel ever dare to come out with something new or has he been completely exhausted to showcase another side of his acting skills? All his characters are almost the same in appearance and effect, barring ‘Stranger than Fiction’. I can’t recollect any other movie where he played a character out of his comfort zone. He has talent but it seems he just loves playing stereotyped roles.

Will Ferrel - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

7. Katherine Heigl:

You won’t miss this girl posing as someone overly innocent and maladroit in the movies she does. Heigl is shown to be a girl who lacks social connection and is a workaholic in all her movies. Not only is her character the most boring, but too predictable to hold the attention of the audience for long. Watch ‘100 Girls’, ’27 Dresses’ and the like.

Katherine Heigl - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

6. Nirupa Roy:

If A.K.Hangal can be called the grand old man of Indian film industry, Nirupa Roy very easily fits into the mould of the most famed mother. She was known for playing mother in Hindi movies especially to Amitabh Bachchan’s characters in the 70s and 80s. Even in her youth she would pose as a mature and sensible mother. Movies like ‘Trishul’ and others during late 80s had her play the loving, caring, and sacrificing mother, always.

Nirupa Roy - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

5. Jackie Chan:

Jackie Chan portrays the role of a martial artist in all his movies. Well, he is a martial artist but he is one actor who can play comic characters without throwing a punch. He is a superb actor too and in case you fail to recall a movie where he plays a different role, we recommend you watch ‘The Karate Kid’. He plays the stereotyped role of a Chinese guy who knows well how to kick someone out of the ring with martial arts skills.

Jackie Chan - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

4. Kristen Stewart:

The cute and innocent Bella Swan of Twilight saga, Kristen Stewart is almost monotonous in the characters she plays. She started with her career as someone who was seen lacking in serious acting talent. She has always been seen drawing audience for her good looks. But how long the trends will last, is only up to the audience.

Kristen Stewart - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

3. Salman Khan:

Salman Khan is known to be a “Dabangg” in real life too, but rarely do we see him play a character that is not larger than life. Although, it suits him, but he has become typecast as an actor who delivers OTT Bollywood dialogues and inconceivable action. There are no prizes for predicting the role he would play in his next movie and the next.

Salman Khan - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

2. Liam Neeson:

Almost in every movie this good looking actor is busy playing the role of an overly adventurous hero or troubled master, who in some ways is trying to suggest his supremacy over others and the world. Although most people have no complaints with Neeson’s choice of roles, and are always willing to watch his adventure packed movies like ‘Taken’ over and over again, there is no guarantee if the trend will last till eternity. How many times can you watch the man who immortalized Oskar Schindler in ‘Schindler’s List’ playing such stereotyped roles?

Liam Neeson - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnie, as he is fondly called by his fans and well wishers, has played the same macho man type characters in almost all of his movies. His roles in ‘Universal Soldier’, ‘Terminator’ series or the recently released ‘Expendables 2’ are about his big biceps and angry looks. No doubt we love him bash goons but we think he still has the potential to pull off a role other than an action hero’s.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Actors who Play Stereotyped Roles on Screen

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