Top 10 Action-packed Nagraj Comics

12:00 pm 10 Apr, 2013

Nagraj is considered to be among the first superheroes of Indian comic book scene. In the late 90’s, when Diamond comics ruled the roost, the series of Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv attracted huge footfalls in book stores. People would line up in order to purchase the latest edition of Nagraj comics. The way Nagraj revolutionized the world of comics remains unparalleled till date. The best stories branded as a Nagraj comics had Super Commando Dhruv, too, who had his own series. Here is a list of top 10 most popular comics of Nagraj.


10. Samrat:

One of the perfectly written stories in the entire Nagraj series, Samrat comes around as a suspense thriller right from the beginning of the story. Sodangi, a character in the story, seeks protection of a mysterious portrait from Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva from the enemies. The suspense is maintained till the climax and whether both the super heroes would be able to accomplish their goal successfully or not.

Samrat - Most Popular Comics of Nagraj

9. Madyusa:

Very rarely Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva must have encountered an enemy who possessed powers like that of Madyusa. She is the sister of Vishala, another evil character in the series, who has the power of turning anyone who looks at her into a statue of stone. Although, Nagraj and Dhruva achieve the impossible, they struggle a lot to the end.

Madyusa - Most Popular Comics of Nagraj

8. Kundli:

The comic is presented in an entirely new way and packed with a punch of suspense right from the start of the story. Nagina, who is an old rival of Nagraj, appears on the scene to cast her revenge in role of Sanovar. She challenges Nagraj throughout the story and makes his existence difficult. It was only towards the end that the superhero comes out in flying colors.

Kundli - Most Popular Comics of Nagraj

7. Dracula ka Ant:

The story is a three-part series and the final issue makes sure the immortal Dracula’s life comes to an end. Though the first two parts show how Dracula survives the onslaught from Nagraj and his aides and carries on with his cruel ways, he eventually dies at the hands of Nagraj and his friends in the third part.

Dracula ka Ant - Most Popular Comics of Nagraj

6. Pralay:

Released is 1997,Pralay showcased how Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv apply their brains and fight against all odds to save world from destruction as planned by the evil powers. The comic book is particularly interesting because it features nearly all the friends of Nagraj and Dhruv who battle each other. The fight between Dhruv and Nagraj makes it worth a read.

Pralay - Most Popular Comics of Nagraj

5. Hedron:

One of the best sci-fi creations involving Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv, Hedron is based in a future city which possesses a black hole and mysterious villain. The fight is tough as the villains possess the power of masquerading as good guys, in this case Nagraj, who finds it difficult to tackle the enemy.

Hedron - Action-packed Nagraj Comics

4. Aatank:

It is the part of Dushman Nagraj-Dhruv comic series where some evil powers take control of Nagraj’s body and force him to do criminal acts. Dhanajay and Dhruv are in a dilemma about how to release him from the trap of the villain and save the world. The comic is fast-paced and shows a negative side of Nagraj.

Aatank - Most Popular Comics of Nagraj

3. Dushman Nagraj:

One of the most famous comic books from the Dushman Nagraj series; it is based on the story where Nagraj fights his clone (designed by a villain, Vibhatsu) in order to save the citizens of his city. The story has hints of suspense and is wonderfully written.

Dushman Nagraj - Most Popular Comics of Nagraj

2. Nagraj aur Nagina:

A very engaging comic, Nagraj aur Nagina is considered one of the best creations in the comic world ever. In the story Nagina, the queen of evil, returns after losing to Nagraj in their previous encounter in order to conquer the world with her troop of dinosaurs. The story is very engaging and ends with a nail-biting finish.

Nagraj aur Nagina - Most Popular Comics of Nagraj

1. Nagraj aur Super Commando Dhruva:

This is regarded as the first occasion ever where two of the most popular characters in Raj comics came together in a single issue. The two superheroes come together for a common cause to fight Miss Killer – a Japanese lady villain. The comic also featured other popular characters of the times such as Parmanu, Gagan and Vinashdoot.

Nagraj aur Super Commando Dhruva

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