20 Signs That Show You Are Too Good To People

Updated on 1 Jun, 2015 at 1:54 am


Too much of anything is not good. If you are too good to people, people take you for granted and may not value you, which is even worse. There are perks too, but disadvantages are more if your are being too good to people. Perhaps these 20 signs might help you to know if you are of that nature.

1. You simply can’t say NO to people!

You find it rude to refuse people even if you hate them. You simply can’t say no to people or hurt their feelings but you should probably learn to refuse when needed!


2. You are there for everybody, always.


You always want to do more for them, be it your friends, friend’s friend, relatives, people around you, neighbours, etc.


3. You are the planner!

You would plan birthdays months before their birthdays and do whatever it takes to make people happy, especially the ones close to you.


4. You are definitely a good listener.

You will make time to listen to your friend’s problems with patience and understanding even if you are going through problems yourself.


5. You’re afraid of losing people.

You will always be afraid of losing your close buddies and go out of your way to make your friendship stronger. No matter what, you are always there for them whenever and wherever they need you.


6. You love the way people show their outward feelings to you.

People around you might be faking their gratitude but you are just too gullible to understand!


7. You are a selfless service provider.

You always help others without expecting anything in return. Selfless service is your thing.


8. I am just a call away!

You are ever ready to help, no matter what problems or difficulties you yourself are going through.


9. Truly sensitive.

You are very sensitive towards other people’s feeling and just can’t imagine hurting them by any chance.


10. You define politeness.

No matter how intense the fight would have been, you simply can’t stop talking politely to the other person, which might make the other person all the more angry.


11. You genuinely feel bad when someone is hurt or is in acute sadness.

12. You search for new ways to keep your loved ones happy.


13. People always misuse you. Your kindness is taken granted for.

They keep on overloading you with the things they should be doing.


14. You suck at fights.

Even if you are right, you are reluctant to speak up just because you don’t want to hurt anyone.


15. You are afraid of losing friends and you overdo things in this process.

You have a heart that melts faster than an ice cream.


16. People borrow things from you and never return back.

Bye bye my stuff.


17. You smile at everyone even if your haters are in front of you.


18. You don’t understand if someone is being bad to you. Or maybe you just ignore that fact.


19. You are the ‘friend’ in the ‘Friend in need is a friend indeed’ saying.


20. Your notes, sunglasses, camera, lenses and similar stuff is always away from you.

Be more generous?



We are not saying you shouldn’t be good to others; that’s the noblest thing t do. We are only asking you to know who to do good to because some may take you for granted.



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