Meet Tommy Edison, Who Responds To People Who Pity Him By Sharing The Best Things About Blindness

12:22 pm 28 Jul, 2018


Most of us often complain about ourselves or blame life for who we are, how we look, or how poor or unfortunate we are as compared to others. We often don’t know how to appreciate or look at the bright side of life. However, there are many people in the world who are just too positive, no matter who or how they are, that they always see good in anything in life. They are not just happy with their life but also spread light among people around the world with their positivity. In this article, we will talk about one such person, and he is Tommy Edison, an American radio presenter and a YouTuber who has been blind since birth.

Tommy, who is also a blind film critic, manages to stay a truly positive figure always. He shows that not being able to see is not the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Even though he was never been able to see, he always puts a smile on everyone’s face with his positive attitude.



Tommy is known for his self-deprecating sense of humor and he uses that to answer the most popular questions about living without sight.

Proving that blindness is not a curse, he created a video where he listed all the good things about not being able to see. From getting VIP treatment at amusement parks to not having to turn on the lights, Tommy’s arguments are definitely eye-opening!



Sharing his experience of being a blind man, Tommy said that people always pity him by saying all sort of things such as “God you know it must suck to be blind”, “My God, how do you do it?”, “Oh, you poor guy”, etc.


However, he said that there are plenty of good things about being blind. He said that he goes on airplanes first, get VIP treatment at amusement parks, never has to do his own lawn, his electric bills lower than others, as he doesn’t have to turn on the lights, he doesn’t have to watch somebody age. He also said that the cool thing about being blind is that there’s no race, and also that he knows people from what comes out of their mouth and what’s in their heart.


Blind man Tommy Edison

Tommy Edison as a young man. blindfilmcritic


You can watch Tommy Edison’s experience video from below:



Well, it’s absolutely safe to say that we can always count on Tommy to look at the bright side of life!