18 Things True To A Tomboy’s Former Life

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Updated on 26 May, 2015 at 5:01 pm


You might have grown to be a girly girl, but do you remember times when you were perhaps a tomboy? Remember the days when you would not slip out of your favorite outfits, unless your mom threw them in the garbage bin while you were asleep? Times, when you wondered why girls can’t know more about baseball and cricket?

Many of us have spent our childhood this way. How we still wish to go back to those days. So let us take you down memory lane and explore the many pleasures of being a tomboy:

1. Our best friends were sneakers. And yes we were INSEPARABLE.

Comfortable, sturdy, sneakers were always our favorite and we wouldn’t step outside the house without them.



2. If someone asked us about our favorite movies, it had to be the likes of Fight Club, The Fugitives, Die Hard, The Bourne Identity, and so on.

We never had the patience for romance and this is why our girlfriends never asked us out to movies.


3. Favorite hairstyles! Well we were most happy with a bob cut, mushroom cut, and if we were forced to grow hair long, we really appreciated a ponytail.

Or any other no-maintenance hair style.


4. Not only did we stand up for ourselves, but we were the first one to stand up for all our friends too.

Be it defending them at school, or home, we’d do it with all the force we had.


5. Makeup? That was the biggest mystery to unfold, and not sure how many of you have been able to decode it.


6. All our childhood pictures make us look more like a boy, always confusing people about our gender.

You’re still embarrassed to show them around.


7. In our memory, we still remember how competitive we were at sports and what teams we had been part of.


8. Most of our tees and jeans were bought from the boys section, and seldom from the girls section.

Haven’t we always waited for relatives to give us cash instead of girly gifts of dolls and kitchen sets?


9. You’ve got at least one broken bone from your tomboy days, or perhaps many.


10. The color you hated most was ‘pink’. You loved blues and blacks, and sometimes white.


11. We lost many school time crushes to the girly girls because for guys we were always their ‘BRO’.

This was the only time, when we thought of exploring our feminine sides.


12. But what was good was that guys could do just anything around us. They’d do things that they’d never do in front of girls.

Whether it was talking sports, discussing politics, cracking jokes, talking about other girls, they were never shy from our company.


13. Nail paints. We did like them, but could never sit down with a remover; we let nature take its course.


14. Laughing like a lady? What’s that? If we find something funny, we’d rather howl like a lunatic.


15. We loved bikes and cars. We could only offer to ride people home, but never let them return the favor.


16. Contrary to regular girls, who love marriages because it’s their chance to dress up, we loved them for food.


17. At least once in our life, we’ve been kicked out by our friends for playing around practical jokes.

The likes not imaginable by anyone else.


18. We always hung around with boys, and certainly had more boyfriends.

And few girlfriends, if any.