5 Tollywood Actresses Who Turned Rich Overnight In A High-End Sex Racket Case Exposed!

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10:01 pm 20 Jun, 2018


The Indian entertainment industry has a dark side hidden behind its veil of glamor and limelight. This is evident from frequent media reports about both Bollywood and Tollywood actresses being forced into the world of prostitution. This has not only happened with struggling actresses, but also with a number of famed actresses like Shweta Basu and Sherlyn Chopra who slipped into the dirty world of prostitution. However, only some women, such as renowned Bollywood writer Shagufta Rafique, who are forced into this world are lucky enough to get out of this trap and live a dignified life they deserve.

Earlier this month, we also told you about Tamil actress Sangeetha Balan who was found running a prostitution racket and was subsequently arrested by the Chennai police.


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Sangeetha Balan Oneno


Now, it has turned out that Sangeetha is not the only celebrity from the south Indian film industry who is involved in flesh trade. Kishan Modugumudi, a well-known Telugu film producer has been found to be running a high-end prostitution racket in the United States. Kishan’s wife Chandra was also found involved in his criminal and inhuman act.



The couple used to lure Tollywood actresses for events and projects in the USA and then pushed them into prostitution. According to a recent report by Amarujala, at least 5 Tollywood actresses were found to be trapped in this sex racket. Some of the actresses reportedly had no assignments from television or film industry but had whopping amounts deposited in their bank accounts. This has led to police’s suspicion that these actresses could be involved in prostitution. The police will now conduct an inquiry on these actresses and their involvements.




It is interesting to note that two actresses had revealed shocking information about this couple. One of these actresses was Sri Reddy, who has triggered a huge controversy on the prevalence of casting couch in Tollywood after stripping on street in a protest. As stated by Sri Reddy, Kishan Modugumudi and Chandra’s coordinator from Hyderabad had contacted her. The coordinator had reportedly told her that she will be paid according to her popularity and all her travel and other arrangements will be made.



South Indian film actress Anasuya also revealed some inside information about the racket. She said:

“It has been a long time that I had been to the US. I went there in 2014 along with musician Devi Prasad to participate in a musical event. In 2016, Sriraj called me from an American number and asked me if I can come to the US to participate in a Telugu association event. I got very uncomfortable with the way he was talking. I refused to participate in the event but despite my refusal, he used my pictures in the event’s poster.”


Anasuya. Source


It is important to note that the accused Tollywood producer Kishan charged close to Rs 2 lakh from each of his clients. When the American police conducted a raid on the couple’s house, they found significant evidence. These include a register of records in which all the information about the actresses’ arrival and their dates were mentioned!