A ‘Tolerant’ Woman Threatened Tarek Fatah At JNU For Criticising The Intolerance Brigade

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5:29 pm 1 Apr, 2016


Sometime in 2015, writer Tarek Fatah spoke at the JNU on the then raging intolerance debate in the India. Fatah criticised the manner in which some – celebrities and commoners – were demeaning India’s otherwise progressive, secular and liberal ethos through a hypocritical cry of intolerance.

He was also bitterly critical of his home country, Pakistan.

One woman in the audience could not tolerate Fatah’s criticism of the fake seculars and Pakistan.

She asked him three questions:



Tarek (1)


The erudite and eloquent Fatah began countering her with these replies while exposing her as the real intolerant.


Tarek (2)


Just when Fatah was about to counter her third question, woman got furious and said something that appeared like a threat.

The exact words got drowned in the hubbub but Fatah’s reaction to that was this (with a smile):




Watch the entire video here. Jump to 1.50 for the action. The woman’s identity is unclear.



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