TOI Tries To Remove The Caste Distinctions From Its Matrimonial Pages. Fails.

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7:29 pm 24 May, 2016


If you want to know how prevalent the caste system is in India, flip over the section TOI is most famous for – its matrimonial section.

Right from Brahmins, Aggarwals, Christians, Punjabi and Marathas, matrimonial advertisements are categorically placed under such bars, displaying a clear demand for spouses of the same caste/religion.


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With a clearly progressive intention I’m sure, ‘Times Of India’ strategically tried to change the scenario in a way only it can.

TOI placed an advertisement stating how it would give ‘discounts’ to ones placing advertisements with no caste bar or no religion bar.

Yes, 25% off for those placing ads with ‘Caste no bar’ and a whopping 50% off for those placing ads under ‘Religion no bar’.


Though matrimonial ads and TOI go a long way back, this time they got it a little wrong.

Can you really change things with one discount advertisement?

Not really.

The next issue of the matrimonial pages found two ads placed with heading ‘Upper Caste no bar’ and ‘All Upper Caste accept’. Clearly, India has no issues with height, salary, profession as long as they belong to an upper caste.


TOI, better luck next time!



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