17 Signs That You Are One Of Those Couples That Were Made For Each Other

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10:00 am 17 Aug, 2015

Being in love is an unimaginable feeling. For those who are deeply in love, the feeling is even more intense. If you as a couple show any of the following signs, you are truly, deeply, madly, in love with each other. Cheers to your love, cheers to your togetherness!

1. You know each others dark secrets.


2. You prefer to be with your partner than with anyone else.

Their company is all that you want.


3. You take photos together to capture your special moments.

No other person in invited in the frame.


4. You send each other messages in the wee hours.


5. You get uneasy on not receiving a response to your message or call.


6. Your partner’s mood change affects yours as well.

If he/she is sad, you feel worried!


7. You call each other with self-made names.

Gone are the days when lovers used to call their loved one “jaanu”. You are pretty innovative in giving your loved one a different identity.


8. You choose to focus on all the goodness in your partner and ignore anything bad.


9. You have immense trust in each other and nothing can break that

No one can create rift between you two.


10. Your habits are the same or you have adopted some of your partner’s habits.

You just love doing what your partner enjoys doing.


11. You lift each other’s spirits by hugging and comforting.


12. You know each other’s every minute action.

You want to be sure that all is well.


13. You both communicate more through signs or eyes than words.


14. “I love you” is a standard way to express yourself.

Just like how you say ‘Hi’ in everyday life.

15. You both make decisions together, much like a team.


16. You don’t want to change anything about each other.

Not a single thing!


17. A day spent away is like a life spent without your partner.

That’s being madly in love with each other.





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