Toblerone Tunnel Is The Latest Body Trend On Instagram, But Here’s Why We Think It Is Unhealthy For You

12:54 pm 28 Aug, 2018

Social media is indeed a weird place where unexpected things can become the hottest trend over the night on the internet. While it let us stay in touch with people all over the world, there are times when social media trends can give us the most bizarre terms possible. Apparently, yet another weird craze is trending on the social media and our mind is blown. It is none-other-than the ‘Toblerone tunnel’.

Just when we thought that the world has gotten a bit body-positive and empowering, here enters the latest thigh gap trend that sent the social media into a frenzy. Well, it sounds just as ridiculous as it appears. With the Instagrammers flaunting their bikini bodies, they are flaunting one more thing in their picture and that is the Toblerone Tunnel.



As the name sounds, Toblerone Tunnel is a triangular-shaped space where the top of a woman’s thighs meets her bikini bottoms. Evidently, the triangular-shape resembles the unique shape of the popular Swiss chocolate bar Toblerone.



The obsession over thigh gaps or the ‘Toblerone Tunnel’ is absolute. With Hollywood celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski taking over the social media to show off their thigh gaps through their steamy pictures, it is right to say that ‘Toblerone Tunnel’ is here to stay.



However, according to experts, this trend is ‘ridiculous, unrealistic and potentially dangerous’ as everyone’s body is different and promoting this beauty standard that is near to impossible for most women to attain will only lead to poor body shaming. Toblerone Tunnel can lead to lower self-esteem, depression and potential stress among the followers of the trend.



Being even ironically named after a popular chocolate brand, Toblerone Tunnel is nothing but a superficial body-conscious social media trend that is posing severe damage to the mental and physical health of the people over the internet. Well, we are indeed very lucky that this trend did not become a ‘trend’ in India.



As per my knowledge of fashion goes, if you have a ‘toblerone tunnel’ it is perfectly fine, if you don’t, then also it is perfectly fine. Well, there have been many trends related to ‘thigh gap’ in the past before, but they have been not only unobtainable but also encouraged unhealthy tricks to achieve the trends.



Luckily, many Twitter users mocked the movement on the social media as well as they pointed out hysterical truths about their meanings of Toblerone Tunnel. What is even more important for us is that we ‘celebrate the different bodies and shapes and not push ourselves to fit in the perfect picture by following the crazy social media trends.

Here are some of the tweets by netizens which are brutally mocking this unhealthy body trend:




Oh, slam!






That’s how you do it!



Nobody gives a sh*t!



Believe me!





If you ask me, the only thing you should be doing with your Toblerones is eating it and enjoying it. Putting it in between your thighs is definitely a waste of chocolates.