The Case Of The ‘Titanic Twins’ Who Overcame All Odds And Lived To Tell About It

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3:53 pm 16 Sep, 2015

Michel Navratil died on January 20, 2001; at 92, he was the oldest and last remaining survivor of the Titanic disaster. But that wasn’t the only notable factor in his life. The RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank on 15 April, 1912; out of the 710 survivors there were two little boys, aged 2 and 4, that were rescued without a parent or guardian.



Their names were apparently Louis and Lola and they replied ‘Oui’ to every question they were asked. Not knowing what else to do with them, the boys were sent to live with Margaret Hays, a Titanic survivor herself, in New York City. They were dubbed the ‘Titanic Twins’ and reports were made about them in international newspapers.



Marcelle Caretto, from Nice, France, came across once such article and recognized her sons. She got in touch with authorities and described her sons in detail. She also submitted questions that only her sons could answer. Once her identity was confirmed, she was reunited with her sons Edmond (younger) and Michel.

Edmund and Michel


Turns out their estranged father, Michel Navratil, kidnapped the two children and decided to seek a fresh start in the US. He used a false name, Louis B Hoffman, and gave the children new names too – Lolo and Momon. His was the only body found with a loaded revolver in its pocket. Edmund died as a soldier of the French Army during World War II. He was 43.

with mom


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