This Theory Saying Jack Was Just Rose’s Psychotic Imagination Will Never Let You See Titanic The Same Way Again

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3:53 pm 4 Oct, 2016

While none of us can ever forgive Rose for letting Jack die in the freezing waters of Atlantic Oceans, what if you’re told that Jack never existed. He was just a dream (like, Inception!) or a psychotic creation of Rose’s anxious mind.

After all,  Rose said it -Jack ”exists only in my memories.”



According to popular beliefs, Rose Dewitt Bukater suffered from a psychotic disorder and created Jack Dawson to save herself from the misery of her real life.  It was heavily evident that Rose found herself a misfit in the upper-class lifestyle. She found no joy in attending elite parties and often felt suffocated in her surroundings.

Her fiance, Cal is said to be a lot similar to her father Dewitt Bukater- controlling, dominating and extremely money-minded. She was probably in depression as a result of which she contemplated suicide – which is exactly, where she found Jack Dawson.


Jack Dawson was a perfect escape to her miserable life. He was nothing like her own world. His existence was pretty much non-recorded. His attitude, his lifestyle and everything he talked about (the Lake which is said to not even exist back in 1912) seemed too dreamy and quite far away from the times of 1912.


It could be possible that Jack was a character Rose created to find strength to break free from her superficial life. He, or her conscience for that matter, was there to stop her every time she wanted to give up her life and gave her the confidence to be her carefree, crass self. It even inspired the confidence in her to leave an abusive Cal which otherwise she couldn’t have mustered the courage to. She broke all rules and stereotypes she had been confined to since birth.


So just maybe, it wasn’t Jack. It was Rose, herself. And can we now forgive her for only letting a fiction character slip away?


Here’s the video:


Or maybe, Jack existed. He never died. He fell unconscious and floated to a beach, lost his memory, gained wealth and became the Great Gatsby. Rose’s memory continue haunting him to find love in Daisy, a character with striking similarities to Rose. She was depressed, waiting to break free from the confinements of elite society, and of course married to a man so similar to Cal.



Find more proofs here.

Either way, had the movie been released today, I am sure we would have bought this story of self-discovery of a woman rather than a tragic love-story. No?

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