Tisca Chopra’s Casting Couch Experience Will Make You Smile At Her Cleverness

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7:35 pm 5 Aug, 2016

Not everyone is lucky like Deepika Padukone to earn a debut film with Farah Khan; most Bollywood newcomers become victims of the infamous casting couch. Tisca Chopra, who starred in movies like ‘Tare Zameen Par’,Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji’ and ‘ABCD 2’, shared her first casting couch experience with ‘Kommune India’ and told us how a few phone calls help her escape this hideous episode.


She started by saying that soon after her first film ‘Vanished Without a Trace’, she received a call from a very famous producer (she calls her ‘Reptile’ in the video) and was approached for a major role in a movie. Their first meeting in the office went quite well, leaving Tisca in awe. During the indoor shoot, she was treated with respect by all the crew members and all seemed like a fairy tale.

Things got unpleasant when they went abroad to shoot for the next part of the film and one morning, the director asked, “So let’s meet in my room for dinner, let’s discuss the script.”


She couldn’t say, “No” but was well aware of what she was getting into. When she reached his room, she gave him a tight hug, pretending to be over-the-top excited. The director, wearing a lungi and with a towering desire for sex, was surprised by her weird conduct.

Tisca had told the receptionist of their hotel to direct all her calls to his room. One after the other, she received six calls from the crew members and she smartly made them aware about the development of their meeting, burning the director’s desires into ashes.

After sometime, the meeting was over and for the rest of the shoot, nobody bothered her.

Watch the whole video to know how well Tisca dealt with her first casting couch experience:


Source: Kommune India



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