Tamil Nadu’s Tirupur Best For Employment; 44 Percent Of Population Has Regular Work

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3:23 pm 14 Mar, 2016


Tamil Nadu’s Tirupur, which is India’s one of the biggest textile and hosiery centres, has topped the employment table among 506 cities and towns.

According to the recent Census 2011 data, Tirupur 44 percent population has regular employment, i.e., they are reported as ‘main workers’.

Others who made it to top five are West Bengal’s Santipur, Erode and Rajapalyam in Tamil Nadu and Mangalagiri in Andhra Pradesh. They are all textile manufacturing hubs.

New Delhi and Bangalore shared joint fourth rank with Andhra Pradesh.


Garment factory in Tirupur economictimes

Garment factory in Tirupur

The bottom five have less than 20% of their population categorized as regular workers. They are six towns from Bihar, three from Uttar Pradesh and Anantnag from Jammu and Kashmir.


The reason for their poor performance is lack of industrialization, relatively smaller proportion of adults in the population and women not being allowed to be part of workforce.

However, most marginal workers are from north India towns. Akbrapur, Ballia, Allahabad, Mughalsarai, Jhansi etc. have high shares of workers who are employed for less than six months.


Another trend revealed by the data is that West Bengal’s towns have the highest number of jobseekers among all cities and towns in the country while western Indian towns from Gujarat to Maharashtra have the least number of jobseekers.