Karnataka CM Slammed On Twitter For Calling Tipu Sultan ‘First Freedom Fighter’ And Celebrating ‘Tipu Jayanti’

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2:55 pm 11 Nov, 2017


Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore, has been eulogized in history as a “freedom fighter”, benevolent ruler and even a military inventor. The Leftist historians hail him as a just ruler and leave no stone unturned to praise his greatness and valor against the British. Due to the fact that the hands which wrote the history books in our schools belong to Leftist minds, our children are made to believe that Tipu Sultan is exactly as has been portrayed in Sanjay Khan’s (rather aptly titled) 1990-91 TV series ‘The Sword of Tipu Sultan’.


The popular image of Tipu Sultan is that of an emperor fighting against the British.

But the Tipu that we are led to believe and the Tipu which ‘Tiger of Mysore’ was in reality appear to be vastly different. So when Congress government in Karnataka decided to celebrate ‘Tipu Jayanti’ in 2015 there was an obvious uproar.


A Tipu Jayanti event in progress. The Hindu


Many have stated, citing historical records not taught in school or college books, that Tipu was a tyrant of the worst kind. They condemn his actions against the Hindus under his rule – forcible conversion, destruction of temples, etc. – and neighboring kingdoms in the strongest possible words.


A Tipu Jayanti protest. Mangalore Today

Yet the Congress government of Chief Minister K Siddaramaiah chose to go ahead with the veneration of the controversial emperor.


Siddaramaiah at a Tipu eulogy function.

In doing so, the Karnataka government imposed Sec 144 in Kodagu to prevent those protesting against the state-sanctioned celebration of Tipu Sultan. Kodagu is the same region where Tipu displayed his greatest barbarity.

The government action was criticized:

Protests erupted at many places, however. The police had to take many protesters into protective custody.

Siddaramaiah, on the other hand, took his government’s and party’s praise for Tipu to another level. The Karnataka CM hailed Tipu as the “first freedom fighter”. History recognizes Mangal Pandey as India’s first freedom fighter.

Obviously, he invited the ire of the social media:

And while the Karnataka government did everything in its power to celebrate the jayanti, in spite of the backlash from people of the state, social media did not remain a mute spectator.

Some of them pointed out the horrors committed by Tipu Sultan, even though he may have fought the British to save his own kingdom.



So what is your opinion? Is Tipu the tyrant as many say or is Siddaramaiah right in calling the Mysore ruler “the first freedom fighter”?

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