14 Simple Tips To Eat Less Sugar In 2015

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8:00 pm 19 Jan, 2015


Are you one of those who can’t resist the temptation of having sweet, be it an occasion or not? Well, welcome to the gang of ‘sweet tooth’ who look for reasons to celebrate with a quick bite of brownie or chocolates.

The taste no matter how devouring it is, is a reason of concern for many. It is not hidden from all that if gone off the mark it can cause health related issues, which are better avoided. So, if you haven’t yet planned your diet chart for the year and are looking for serious weight reduction tips, we help you with one of the many ways through which you can do it and that is – Controlling your sugar intake”

14. Keep A Watch On The Label

You might have mugged up where your grocery items are while shopping, but during your next visit spend an extra minute in reading what are the ingredients of the item you are purchasing. Prefer buying products with no added sugars as they have zero nutritional value and avoid items that unnecessarily have sugar as an ingredient.

13. Self Motivation


It is obviously more important to push yourself not to let your eyes fall on anything sweet and even if they do, avoid it. It is no less than an addiction and making up your mind for the tough days ahead is a good way to step up the ladder.

12. Say No To Sweetened Drinks

So, if you were earlier quenching your thirst with a soda drink, you might as well think of replacing it with the invincible water. The sweetened drinks undoubtedly have added sugar and lie in front of our eyes, but goes unnoticed. Some flavored milk, energy drinks, tea etc also contain added sugar and might leave you shocked how much unnecessary consumption of unwanted sugar that is.

11. Limit Juice Intake

You can simply prefer having fruit in one piece rather than in form of juice. Juice with no added sugar digests fructose faster than a fruit consumed as it is because of no fibre content. So, though you might feel pumped up after having the juice, the energy will sink in soon with you craving for something sweet again.

10. Not a NO For Anything Sweet

Not that controlling your sugar intake would mean not having anything sweet at all. If you are looking too desperate and can’t control your craving, grab a fruit and club it with nuts to keep you filled and satisfied for longer duration.

9. Understanding Sugar

Just scanning the label of a product might not help you understand whether it has added sugar or not, as there are many names for it. So you have to get smart enough and get hold of all the terms at your fingertips while looking at the label. Some of these sweet terms are molasses, honey, corn syrup, fructose, glucose, maltose etc.

8. Know When To Stop

If you thought that having another spoonful of sugar in your tea would not harm, then get these numbers registered in your head. According to American Health Association, a woman should not eat more than 25gms/ 100 calories sugar and men should not consume more than 35gms/ 150 calories. So now you know the numbers, it’s time to avoid that extra spoon of sugar.

7. Sleep Well

You crave more if you have not had a good night sleep as your body is deprived of rest and needs to revitalize itself. So, try to sleep for a minimum 7 hrs to revive your body and soul.

6. Stop Packaged Food Consumption

So, if you were earlier relying on processed and packaged food for your meal, you might try your hand in cooking as while making food you can consciously keep a control on your sugar intake. It’s time to take a few cooking classes from your mom, as it will definitely meet the purpose.

5. Shop Cautiously

Earlier you might be dumping your stroller with anything kept in the grocery store. But now, all that we ask for is a cautious move while shopping. Prefer buying whole food rather than processed ones to avoid the intake of added flavors. Your shopping list should be populated with items such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, egg etc.

4. Protein For A Full Tummy

You can stop yourself from munching after few hours by consuming protein rich food items as they take longer to digest, hence keeping you full. All temptations can thus be controlled and you can concentrate on productive things.

3. Technology Helps

If you are too bored of tracking your sugar intake on a piece of paper, what are smartphones meant for. There are few applications available which you can use for your mission. With everything just a touch away, the tracked results might compel you to boast of your achievements to your friends and family.

2. Avoid Party Temptation

Going out for party or a wedding reception. You can easily attempt avoiding any temptation thereby satisfying your craving at home before entering the tempting destination. Entering the party with a relatively and partially full tummy would leave space to devour other delicacies than the sweet items.

1. How Excess Harms


The most important thing that will eventually lead to lessening your sugar intake is knowing how the excess of it affects your body adversely. Too much of sugar has been linked with premature ageing, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancer, insulin resistance etc. Now you know why less is good.

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