7 Ways To Inject A Dose Of Fun At Your Workplace!

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2:55 pm 6 May, 2015

Workplace is a boring place? Get the child in you alive! Tips that will make office fun and you funner!


All workplaces are built boring! That is part of their karma. Doesn’t mean you need to sado in them as they are! Here are a few tips that won’t cost too much money, time or effort that can get you to have more fun at the workplace while keeping you sharp for work, popular among peers and a talent to look out for your bosses.

1. Bubble blows!

Remember crying for the bubble straw as a child? Well, this is one thing you can never get tired of, no matter if you are 25 or 45. Now available in various toy shapes, blow a few in short breaks and add some magic to the dreary place!


Bubble straw

Haila! Yeh bubble ke andar bubble kaisa banaya!?

2. Dart board and Yo-Yo

AAH! One of the few stress busters around… Yes, a dart board! You can even get a couple of colleagues and see who gets the better score. Or you can show off some Yo-Yo tricks you learnt as a child.


Dart board

Ye dekh Tsunami!

3. Soft toys

Make sure your family is asleep. And then..! Hakuna Matata! Dig out one of your soft toys you had as a kid and carry it in your bag to work!


Childhood toy

e-spiderman e-spiderman… tune churaya mere dil ka chain!

4. Crayons and coloring books

One thing we have always enjoyed as a kid and wouldn’t mind doing at the office as well. The best stress buster around and a good way to pass time, even with no access to the internet!


True fact! Colouring books are one of the top sold items on Amazon!

5. CCD in your cabin

Chewing gums, Candies and Dairy Milks on your table that you and your colleagues can just pick up. Such a mood uplifter!



               Anything is good if it’s made of sugar!

6. Comics

Dilbert, Supandi, Chacha Chowdhary … you can always have them by your side and you can also put up posters of popular web comics on your desk. Something your peers and boss can look forward to each week and gives you a fresh something on your desk regularly too!



Damn it! Comics make fun of my life!

7. Procrastinator wheel

All of us want to postpone work. Be that point in the office where people come to take a decision to postpone or to get work done with! Be popular with colleagues, be popular with your bosses 😀


Procrastinator wheel

Ek ka do, ek ka do, boli lagao bhai! Ek ka do!

What ways do you make your office place fun? Do you have any more ideas? Which of these are you going to try? Let us know!



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