Here Is Why They Designed A Tiny Pocket For Your Jeans

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6:23 pm 28 Jan, 2016

If you wear jeans then I am sure you must have noticed that there is a tiny pocket sewn just inside the bigger pocket on the right. But do you know why the tiny pocket was designed? Is it just a fashion trend or is there a use of it?


The tiny pocket was made to keep the pocket watch.

Pocket watches in the 19th and early 20th century had chains attached to them. American cowboys, who were among the first to wear jeans, generally used to keep their pocket watches in their waistcoats. So to keep them safe from damage, Levi Strauss initiated this trend of tiny pocket in jeans in which the watches could be kept. It became a hit all over the world.


The pocket is now used for keeping small objects such as pen drives, which might get easily misplaced in a purse or bag.


Some people like to keep a few coins in these tiny pockets.


But nowadays, the same pocket is most commonly used to keep condoms. Oops! secret revealed.


So now you know how the tiny pocket has remained a great service provider.

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