These Naughty Tin Biscuits Have Secret ‘Sex Designs’ On Them. Have You Noticed Yet?

2:44 pm 9 Apr, 2018


Every Britisher must have tried their exquisite biscuits before, because Huntley & Palmers are known as the ‘original’ biscuit makers in the world, when they created one of the world’s first global brands and ran one of the world’s largest biscuit factory in their prime.



These decorative tin biscuits that enjoy immense popularity among the upper crust of English society, have a very ‘sexy’ appeal to them.




The twee country scenes on the lids of iconic British biscuits Huntley & Palmers have been designed by a freelance artist Mick Hill, who decided to add a few naughty (and raunchy) cartoons of his own to the tin of the new biscuits from the brand. Look what he created:



What is special about his designs are actually the hidden X-rated images in the background. When you observe closely, you’ll notice that Mick has painted in a randy couple and even two dogs getting naughty and frisky with each other.

The detailed scene is hiding some rather raunchy secrets.



One of the ‘hidden’ scenes is a very naughty one indeed. It’s the one in which a fumbling couple is having sex in the hedges in the backdrop, behind two children sitting on the branch of a tree! Though the scene looks harmless, it looks beautiful and sexy indeed.



These special edition biscuits were produced in the 1980s and are now one of the most collectable tins in the world! The whispering rumours were that Mick took revenge on the company after he was sacked, and came up with this ‘naughty’ collection.


The rumours were later laid to rest by the creator himself:

“I did them out of devilment, purely for a laugh. I’ve always been a bit of a naughty boy but I’ve nothing against Huntley and Palmers.”

Apart from frisky couple, he even created two dogs going at it among the tulips! The two randy dogs can be seen in a ‘doggy style’ position!



According to Mick: “The detailed scene is hiding some rather raunchy secrets”. Elaborating on the rumours that he did this to defame the iconic brand, he said:

“But that’s not true – I was only ever a freelance. I just felt like adding a bit of smut to the proceedings.”



These two couples and two dogs busy in action seem much tamer, as the artist created another ‘risque’ design and this one was inspired by the Japanese. He wrote ‘sex, drugs and rock n’ roll’ in Japanese in one tin.



Hungry yet? You can fulfil your hunger pangs by dishing out a whopping £300 or more for just one bite of pleasure!





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