The Times Of India Called LeT Terrorists ‘Rebels’ Because Of A Most Ridiculous Reason

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5:10 pm 28 Jun, 2016

The Times of India committed a serious blunder on Sunday. In their edition dated June 26, the TOI carried this headline.




Anyone who knows the difference between terrorists and rebels has reason to be shocked and outraged. So that was evidently the reaction of Twitterati.


Even the e-paper editions carried the same headline on Sunday. Though TOI later changed the word to ‘men’.



Just in case you are still wondering why the blue hell are people so angry, know that a rebel is someone who goes against an establishment, usually autocratic. While a rebel may or may not take up arms, a terrorist, on the other hand, is a brutal killer of innocents.

Following the justified outrage, TOI carried this clarification.


And even the clarification is hilarious: ‘space constraints’. Seriously?





The art of giving a headline is critical for anyone in the field of journalism. Though reporters often suggest their own headlines, those are often changed by the desk editor.



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